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R. Allan Langheinrich

I will have my material with Edwin this year.

Anne Black

That’s right! Room 322 and 323. Impactika is growing and more room, more meteorites.

So in room 323 you will find lots of classic, historic specimens, what I call Meteorites with a Pedigree, from Almahata Sitta to a whole family of Murchison, to an assortment of Twannberg (the rare IIG from Switzerland) to a large collection of Pallasites, all the classic, famous and stable ones: Esquel, Imilac, Seymchan,…… (I might be the only one without Sericho!) 🙂

Room 322 will be something new and different. My friendly neighbor, DelRey Agates, and I are turning it into a meeting room where you can come for coffee in the morning, something stronger later in the day, and nibbles, Twink already promised me cookies. So come on over, plenty of room to sit, relax and chat whether you like agates or meteorites.

Bill Mason / Tracie Bennitt

Stop by to pick up your Meteorite Preservation Materials. We’ll have all of the parts of the Meteorite Preservation kit along with extra bottles of product and emitters. Learn how to keep your meteorites from corroding from Bill Mason. He’ll be at the show Jan 31 thru Feb 5.

Blaine Reed

I’ll be open mid-day January 27th. The rest of the days I should be open by 10am. Most days (aside from maybe a rare dinner out) I will be open until 9pm or later (if people are still visiting). I will sty until the bitter end – February 10th, though I’ll close at 5pm that day to begin packing up.

Bruno & Carine

Another Tucson show, this year is our 20th year of participation!
This time, we will have a lot of the new Sericho pallasite. Mostly complete individuals and end cuts from 100gr to 10 Kg. Fresh and perfect with intact metal visible from the outside, nothing compare with the rusty dug material. Prices will be in the lowest and quality probably the highest of what you will see there.

Don’t buy anything before comparing with our material or you will have regrets ! Here is a preview of what will be in our room !


See you there soon. Best from France,

Bruno & Carine

Bud and Joshua Eisler

It will be nice to see everyone again.

Dustin Dickens

Tucson is here again and this year Top Meteorite has a new location and a room full of new meteorites. We’re at the River Park Inn in Room 127. Looking forward to seeing old and new faces, and wishing everyone a fun and successful 2018 show!

Edwin and Patrick Thompson

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Tucson again this year. As the years go by, they seem to go faster! Will have a room filled with wonderful new meteorites. Featuring several big irons and loads of small pieces of pallasite. Will be showing again in room #103 at the Inn Suites. Happy New Year!

Hmani Mohammed

Hi everyone,

This year we have a large selection of individual pieces of the Kenyan Pallasite ”Sericho”. We have as usual different types of exceptional NWA meteorites.

Please come and see us at the Howard Johnson Hotel in the back side. Ask for Hmani or Moroccan Imports.
See you soon.

John Brandon

Hello! Check out Fireball Meteorites located at the Mineral and Fossil Marketplace – Booths R3 and B3.

We have a spectacular selection of Sericho Pallasite slices with green and orange crystals available. Our slices are 3mm thick and stable.

We also have several other Pallasites, irons and stone meteorites available, as well as meteorite knives and pendants.

We hope to see you there!

Keith and Dana Jenkerson

It’s here again!!! Come check out our stunning and RARE Sericho Pallasite slices! Not paper thin with washed out color – ours are 3mm thick with tons of green and orange translucency!!

We also have some spectacular completely green crystal Brahin; as well as Admire, Conception Junction, Timbuktu – the list is too long to mention here – just stop by and see for yourself!!

We always have a couch to rest your weary self on 🙂

We are facing the courtyard this year and we look forward to seeing you there!

Matthew Martin

Aloha Everyone!
Seeing as I survived the “ballistic missile threat” to Hawaii [sic], I’m looking forward to seeing fellow collectors and friends at the annual Gem Show even more this year! I’ll be at the same hotel, but different room this year–just across the hall from last year. Come visit room 127 at the Riverpark Inn so see some out-of-this-world specimens! I’ll be debuting something special at this show that analysis is being completed on right now, so please stop by to check it out. On hand, I’ll have some beautiful monster size brecciated eucrite slices, martian slices, lunar material, chondrites, meteorite jewelry and more! Lots of new things so please come by even if just to browse and say hi! You can follow along in some of the preparations on Instagram–my username is: naturalhistorylab

Michael Farmer

I have moved to a new room. Never fear, it’s only one room over. I’ll be in Room 183 hotel City Center. It’s a slightly larger room. I’ll have my usual extensive display of Meteorites.

Of course one year of Sericho preparation has left me with incredible material. The best of the best. I was there first and brought this Meteorite to the world. See what I can offer.

Mike Miller

Before you make your purchase you are going to want to check out our room, people always say “man I should have come here first. Great LOW prices! Check our Sericho pallasites, we have low wholesale prices on bulk individuals, we also have slices in EVERY price range from a couple grams to more than 200.

Moritz Karl

I can’t believe another year has passed already. Time for Tucson again. I have moved but only next door to room 181. Bigger room for more rocks.

I will have my usual assortment of meteorites and also beautiful Sericho pallasite slices, endcuts and individuals. Make sure to come and see whats there or just drop by to say hello and have a drink.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in hopefully sunny Tucson weather!