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R. Allan Langheinrich

I am retiring and selling of my business and personal collection. See us a 22nd St Tent Booth 30-31.

Anne Black

As usual I will be in the Hotel Tucson CityCenter (Inn suites) Rooms 322 and 323, for the whole show, from February 1 to February 16. And as usual I will bring all kind of rare, historical, classified meteorites, from Almahata Sitta and Allende to Wolsey and Zagora.
And yes I still have some Murchison but not many.

And a whole lot of new thin-section (Aguas Zarcas, NWA 12008, Bardai, …..) and classics: Allende, Johnstown, D’Orbigny,……
See you all very soon.

Aziz Habibi

Beth Carrillo

The 22nd Street Mineral, Fossil, Gem & Jewelry Show, presented by Eons Expos, boasts over 350 dealers and is Tucson’s best-attended gem show. Parking is plentiful and entry is free, and in addition to the many colorful offerings brought by its vendors, the SHOWCASE Tent will also feature a number of educational science displays for children and families to enjoy. Last year at the 22nd Street Show, Dinosaur Brokers and Aerolite Meteorites brought an interactive dinosaur-meteorite exhibit starring a full size casted Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, affectionately known to Tucsonans as “Bill.”

As gem shows become more popular, we are committed to bringing bigger and better exhibitions to the Tucson community. Our spectacular 2020 Dinosaur and Meteorites Ice Age Exhibit is a must-see for adults and kids alike. This exhibit features a wide array of meteorites, impactites, dinosaur fossils, and jewelry for sale, in addition to hands-on educational science displays the public can enjoy at no cost. Take a selfie with a majestic casted 30 foot long Stegodon skeleton and learn about space with actual Apollo Flown collectibles with The Space Collective. Or immerse yourself with a mind-blowing space Virtual Reality experience, in the Science Arts and Space Institute’s debuting booth J4 at the 22nd Street Show!

Bill Mason / Tracie Bennitt

Blaine Reed

I’ll be open by the morning of February 1st (assuming no disasters on the trip down). I plan to stay through the bitter end February 15th. I open (most days) around 10am and generally stay open until 9pm (later if folks are still visiting). However, I do close at 5pm on the 15th.

Bruno & Carine

we will be room # 307 HTCC for the last year !
as we plan on switching to coins business, we invite you all to visit us and buy from our stock blow out…. many historical will change hands ! don’t miss that opportunity.

Crystal World

Australian Meteorites

Denver Rockboxes

We have a large selection of boxes and riker’s to choose from to display your meteorites.

Dustin Dickens

We will be in the same location as last year, at the Ramada in room 127 – (formerly Riverpark Inn) right across the hall from KD at the Pueblo show .

Tucson 2020 is going to be the best Tucson ever! We will have meteorites and fun stories from the Aguas Zarcas expedition, Vietnam, and the Atlas. We will have plenty of martian slices and individuals, lunar is starting to get slim again finally but still very affordable, gorgeous HED, rare C3-ung and CM1 specimens, and lots of other fun stuff! Come join us for another Tucson show adventure full of friends, family and fun! Much love to all!

Edwin and Patrick Thompson

Looking forward to seeing you all in Tucson again. Same room at the Inn Suites #103. A good friend Phillip Todd will be joining me this year to showcase a new product we have been working on. You’ll all want to see what we have done with Lunar and Martian meteorites!

Juan A. Poblador

We will be present at the
Tucson Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show
30th Jan to 12th Feb 2020
Hotel Tucson City Center (HTTC)
Booth #13 (Ballroom)
HTTC Address: 475 N Granada Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701

We have an excellent collection of classified meteorites:

Owned by the Geologist Juan Aviles Poblador, proud IMCA member 5681. We mainly have new NWA specimens, with fresh classifications by specialists from the University of Alberta, Washington and Florida. Exciting show of specimens under classification and with accurate and professional descriptions.

Also classic and historical falls.

New HED achondrites! New NWA Irons! Rare types of chondrites… and much more

Keith and Dana Jenkerson

It’s that time of year again! 🙂

We will be setting up in our usual location – the Pueblo Gem and Mineral show – located at the Ramada by Windham, room 126. Our hotel is located at 777 W. Cushing street. We will have spectacular Pallasites, Irons and Stones, so make sure to stop by and see us! A new batch of stunning meteorite folder knives and display knives will also be available.

This will be your first opportunity to see our new and exciting items we are offering – Copper from Michigan and Lake Superior Firelights! We have some very unique and beautiful Copper sculptures as well as copper specimens with visible silver; as well as copper slices, so make sure to stop by and take a look! Don’t forget to ask about “The Scorpion King”…..

Lake Superior Firelights are locally known as “Yooperlites” – but due to someone trademarking that word we cannot call them that. 🙂 These beautiful stones light up like they’re on fire when Blacklight hits them. A super fun and cool rock. See for yourself!!

Natural History Lab will be with us too – Matthew has a ton of top notch meteorites – lunar, Martian and as always many outstanding stone meteorites you don’t want to miss! He will be bringing meteorite cabochons and jewelry as well!

We look forward to seeing you all 🙂

Matthew Martin

Looking forward to seeing everyone. Will have a large variety of inventory.

Michael Farmer

Opening aproxamately 28 January at City center hotel Room 183.

Massive selection of Aguas Zarcas, viñales, Imilac, sericho and of course all the random falls and finds amassed over two decades in business. I looks forward to seeing everyone for fun in sunny Tucson.
I also have a massive selection of Pelican cases and crates for shipping and storing your finest specimens.

Mike Miller

Hello everyone, looking forward to seeing everyone at the show. We are at the Days in, formerly known as the Ramada, room 131. The address is 665 N Freeway road Tucson AZ 85745. We should be open by Wednesday Jan 29th.

Mohammed Hmani

Hi everyone,
Welcome at the show. We are at the Motel 6 (formerly known as Howard Johnson hotel). Please come to see our great selection of large pieces of al kind of meteorites.
Come also to see one of the biggest Pallasite in the world. Sericho 740kg.

Moritz Karl

Please come see me in room 181 from Jan. 29th until Feb. 10th. Give or take a day or two. I have a great selection of Aguas Zarcas and Vinales as well as gorgeous Imilac slices besides my usual inventory.
Make sure to stop in and say hi when you are in the area. I am looking forward to seeing everybody at the show!
See you soon!

Pani Ahmed

I’ll be glad to see you. I have new meteorites, Libyan Desert Glass, Iron Meteorites. Hotel Tucson City Center, Room 111.

Sergey Afanasyev

Welcome ALL!!! Will be very glad to see you!!! Hotel Tucson City Center (InnSuites) Room 179.

Suzanne Morrison

I will be set up at the new Raining Rocks on Main building this year. 1111 N Main Ave. Featuring impactites (including Wabar), museum quality meteorites, common material and some rares.