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Aerolite Meteorites

Aerolite Meteorites is exhibiting at a private location this year! Our showroom will be open from January 27th – February 13th from 10 am to 6 pm. Stop by for a personalized experience. Let us know when you’re coming by! Booking online at: calendly.com/buymeteorites/showroom

Anne Black

Back to Tucson!
This year I will be in a new place: La Quinta on Alvernon, just north of Broadway, Room 133, downstairs, facing the swimming pool. And I will be there for the whole Show from January 28 (or 29 if the weather makes the drive from Denver is difficult) until February 12.

But this might be my last time, I am not getting any younger, so please do come and get all the meteorites you have been dreaming about. I will certainly be listening to (reasonable!!!) offers. And start planning by studying my website and the Catalog I am posting there, meteorites and thin-sections.

Any questions, just send me an email at IMPACTIKA@aol.com
See you all soon.

Anne Black

Blaine Reed

I will be in my usual spot “Days Inn” (665 N. Freeway) Room 134. I should be open by mid to late morning on Friday January 28th.

Carlos Muñecas – ExpoMeteoritos

Hello, Unfortunately, this edition we are not going to be in Tucson Show

Edwin Thompson

Planning to be setting up in Tucson for the 2023 show. Sorry to say that we will not be attending the 2022 show this year. Don’t know yet where our new selling location will be. Wishing all of you a fun, safe, healthy show. Best regards, E.T., P.T., and Phil.

Keith and Dana Jenkerson

Well it’s that time again! We are in our usual room at the Pueblo Gem Show (777 West Cushing street, the Ramada Limited) Room 126. We have an extensive offering of Meteorites of all kinds, especially Pallasites and irons, as well as Meteorite knives, Firelights, Moldavite, Libyan Desert Glass and some beautiful Copper available. We have Faceted Meteorite Peridot available in many sizes including calibrated rounds for all your jewelry needs.

Come check out our room – we hope to see you there!

Michael Farmer

I will not be exhibiting this year for the first time in over 20 years. However I’ll be enjoying the show as a tourist and socializing more. I do have plenty of material and should you want something can arrange to show things.
You can call me at 520 730 4754

Mike Miller

Hello everyone, it is just me this year so it might look a little smaller than usual. My daughter and her boy friend spent a lot of hours setting up all those cases. I will still have lots of great deals and some new surprises. But it will be scaled down on the visual level. I will be arriving Jan 26th and leaving Feb 14, that is the plan, but subject to changes. I look forward to seeing everyone very soon.

Mohammed HMANI – Hmani Inc.

I’m not at the Howard Johnson Hotel any more. This Tucson show 2022 I have a new location, I’m in Private building at the 1229 N Main Ave.

I will be open the 27th of January.


Meteorite Preservation Kits and Emitters available
PaleoBOND adhesives and stabilizers

Smokey’s Miner’s Co-op Rock, Gem & Mineral Show Marana

Suzanne Morrison

I’ve moved locations! Please visit me at the new Raining Rocks shop at 3844 E 5th St. I’ll have a nice selection of meteorites and impactites.

Yury Pustov

I will be glad to see you in Tucson this year. My new location — Mineral City show, room E-11, 445 W Plata Street, Tucson, Arizona 85705. I will be open from Jan 24. I have nice Libyan glass, Sikhote Alin and Chelyabinsk meteorites. Thanks.