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Jason Phillips

I will be in Tucson February 1-4. Excited to see everyone!

Michael Blood

Will be offering my meteorite book, Aspects of Meteorite Orientation_ at special SHOW PRICE 50% off, signed at ET’s Room on Fri, Feb. 8 and Blaine’s Room, Sat, Feb. 9. Books and Signing about noon to 3PM. I have been ill and out of the scene for several years and am looking foreward to seeing y’all!

Paul and Jim

We will arrive on Feb. 1st and leave on Feb. 5th. We’re looking forward to see everyone!

Rob Matson

Bob G. and I will arrive in Tucson on Wednesday, Feb. 6th, and depart Saturday, the 9th. Planning to pay a visit to Indian Butte Wednesday afternoon on our way down from Phoenix. Joining us is Tucson Show first-timer Eric. Looking forward to seeing many old friends!

Rob Wesel

I will be wandering around from Feb 1-4. Feel free to call me at 503-860-2944

See the new Madagascar fall in ET’s room, he will be the only one showing it.