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Frank Cressy

Will be in Tucson Saturday through Monday, Jan 27 – 29. I can be reached at (661) 301-7125. I’ll have some of my books for the one or two of you who haven’t purchased one yet 😉

Jason Phillips

Excited to see all my meteorite friends from around the world!

Matt Morgan

I will be in Tucson Jan 31 to Feb 2.

Mendy Ouzillou

I will arrive in Tucson Wednesday the 24th. I will be in Phoenix the 25th for the day and be back in Tucson evening of the 25th to the morning of Tuesday the 30th.

I will be bringing material with me including slices of Aletai, Huoyanshan, El Sampal and many other irons. I will also have many other specimens of all types for sale and trade.

My phone number is +1-512-554-9987. Call me and let’s get together even if it’s just to hang out.

Paul and Jim

We arrive on 25th and leave on the 30th. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Twink Monrad

Tents going up all around town!