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Stony Meteorites is the largest group of meteorite types. As the name states they are composed of mostly mineral material. Along with the mineral most will have some nickel iron in the form of small grains of metal.  But, there are many other characteristics that vary from specimen to specimen so that there are now a host of subgroups in the stone meteorite family. Some have a tiny little bit of metal while others have much more. Thus the low metal L type stones and the H high metal type stones. Some meteorites have been heated so much in their journey through the eons that they are recrystallized and nothing original remains. Others have lived quiet and peaceful lives in space and are pristine with internal structures nearly unchanged since their formation. Our catalog offers a wide selection of stone meteorites to satisfy the tastes of both the seasoned collector and the new collector.

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  • D’Orbigny Meteorite For Sale
    D'Orbigny Meteorite For SaleWe have some very nice small specimens of D'Orbigny meteorite. From the Meteoritical Bulletin: A 16.55 kg stone, mostly covered with dark gray fusion crust, was found in a corn field after a farmer hit it with a plow.
  • Allende Meteorites For Sale
    Allende Meteorite For SaleVist our website to view our Allende meteorites for sale . Every collection should have a representative specimen of Allende. Carbonaceous chondrites are believed to be one of the earliest forms of matter in space. Allende is rich in large chondrules and scattered through the matrix are irregular masses called Calcium Aluminum Inclusions or CAIs. Allende also contains microscopic diamonds that are among the oldest particles ever discovered.
  • Gao Meteorite For Sale
    Gao Meteorite For SaleGao officially named Gao-Guenie was a witnessed fall on March 5 1960. We have some nice affordable Gao meteorites for sale on our website. There was initially some confusion as to whether there had been two distinct falls a month apart in Burkina Faso, but specimens collected using both names are exactly the same material. It is now officially considered to be one fall and has the combined name. Thousands of stones have been found and continue to be recovered from the area. It is an H5 chondrite.
  • Millbillillie Meteorite For Sale
    Millbillillie Meteorite For SaleWe just got in some very nice crusted specimens of Millbillillie meteorite.
  • Cocklebiddy Meteorite For Sale
    Cocklebiddy Meteorite For SaleWe have a nice selection of Cocklebiddy Meteorites for sale in our eStore.  This is an Australian meteorite with a unusually dark matrix with a scattering of nice bright metal grains.   
  • NWA 1109 Meteorite
    NWA 1109 Meteorite For SaleWe have some nice part slices of NWA 1109 meteorite for sale on our website. The NWA 1109 Meteorite is a polymict eucrite breccia. It has no free metal, but is rich in light and dark mineral clasts with a beautiful honey color matrix.
  • NWA 5515 Meteorite For Sale
    NWA 5515 MeteoriteOur part slices of NWA 5515 meteorite for sale have a very nice color and contains scattered chondrules. It is minimally shocked and shows only moderate weathering. A CK4 is a nice classification to add to any collection.