Meteorite Jewelry

Looking for a gift for someone special or maybe to treat yourself. Jewelry made with meteorites is truly jewelry that is out of this world. We have a nice selection of sterling silver jewelry in some very attractive styles. We also offer beautiful pendants of silver that hold moldavite stones. While moldavite is not a meteorite it was formed when a huge asteroid hit the Earth and is a rare and treasured gemstone. We have hand selected the pieces of moldavite jewelry and they are stunning. Each of the pieces that have meteorites in them are handcrafted and unique.

  • Meteorite Ring
    meteorite-ringEach Meteorite Ring is made with Gibeon meteorite inlays and custom made by a market leader in meteorite jewelry. Gibeon meteorite is the preferred for meteorite rings because of it's amazing etched pattern and stability.
  • Meteorite Jewelry
    Meteorite Jewelry For SaleWe feature meteorite jewelry for sale handcrafted by Ian Barrett.  Ian fashions his handmade pieces of jewelery using unique specimens of meteorite.

The Meteorite Exchange, Inc.