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Looking for a gift for someone special or maybe to treat yourself. Jewelry made with meteorites is truly jewelry that is out of this world. We have a nice selection of sterling silver jewelry in some very attractive styles. We also offer beautiful pendants of silver that hold moldavite stones. While moldavite is not a meteorite it was formed when a huge asteroid hit the Earth and is a rare and treasured gemstone. We have hand selected the pieces of moldavite jewelry and they are stunning. Each of the pieces that have meteorites in them are handcrafted and unique.


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Top Meteorite

Meteorite JewelryTOP Meteorite is a trusted source for rare and significant meteorites of exceptional quality. They also offer a unique selection of exquisite meteorite jewelry. TOP Meteorite is happy to assists with appraisals, institutional curation, acquisitions, specimen restoration, and private expeditions.

Lunar MeteoritesTOP Meteorite is a science forward meteorite company founded by author, researcher, hunter, and educator Dustin Dickens. Dustin brings a strong scientific aptitude to TOP Meteorites’ approach to curation, focusing on martian and lunar meteorites, ungrouped achondrites, and primitive & carbonaceous chondrites. Dustin is continuing his education in meteoritics with a focus in geochemistry. TOP Meteorite offers institutional research discounts on all specimens.


The Meteorite Exchange, Inc.

Meteorite for SaleJim and Paul have been offering meteorites for sale on the Internet since 1996. They guarantee the authenticity of every specimen they sell and they only buy meteorites from select trusted sources . They update their catalog often and have a wide variety of meteorites to choose from in all price ranges.

Tektites for SaleThey also have a large variety of impactites and tektites for sale. Many of the tektite specimens are from the Darryl Futrell Collection of Tektites.

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Meteorites For Sale
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  • Meteorite Beads

    Our meteorite beads are handmade from the NWA 10816 stone meteorite and are a pretty milk chocolate color.  These beads make great authentic meteorite jewelry The post Meteorite Beads first appeared on Find Meteorites For Sale.

  • Meteorite Ring

    Each Meteorite Ring is made with Gibeon meteorite and other material inlays. All rings are custom made by a market leaders in meteorite jewelry. Gibeon The post Meteorite Ring first appeared on Find Meteorites For Sale.

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