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  Meteorites are fascinating no matter what direction you approach the topic. Whether it is as a meteorite hunter or collector or serious scientist there is a meteorite book that will help you to learn more or let you enjoy stories written by others some of whom are now celebrities. Even in a fast paced digital world there is still nothing quite like sitting down with a great book for a relaxing read. We have a selection of some of the newest books on meteorite related topics and some of the classics from years past. Don’t get caught on a winter evening with a fire and some cocoa but nothing good to read.


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Top Meteorite

Meteorite JewelryTOP Meteorite is a trusted source for rare and significant meteorites of exceptional quality. They also offer a unique selection of exquisite meteorite jewelry. TOP Meteorite is happy to assists with appraisals, institutional curation, acquisitions, specimen restoration, and private expeditions.

Lunar MeteoritesTOP Meteorite is a science forward meteorite company founded by author, researcher, hunter, and educator Dustin Dickens. Dustin brings a strong scientific aptitude to TOP Meteorites’ approach to curation, focusing on martian and lunar meteorites, ungrouped achondrites, and primitive & carbonaceous chondrites. Dustin is continuing his education in meteoritics with a focus in geochemistry. TOP Meteorite offers institutional research discounts on all specimens.


The Meteorite Exchange, Inc.

Meteorite for SaleJim and Paul have been offering meteorites for sale on the Internet since 1996. They guarantee the authenticity of every specimen they sell and they only buy meteorites from select trusted sources . They update their catalog often and have a wide variety of meteorites to choose from in all price ranges.

Tektites for SaleThey also have a large variety of impactites and tektites for sale. Many of the tektite specimens are from the Darryl Futrell Collection of Tektites.

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  • Meteorites – How To Recognize Visitors From Space
    Meteorites – How To Recognize Visitors From SpaceMeteorites - How To Recognize Visitors From Space New eBook If you have ever thought you would like to hunt for a meteorite or if you are a collector with some unclassified meteorites you would like to know more about, this book will help. Packed with photos and practical information it makes meteorite recognition easier for the hunter, and can assist the collector with some of his unclassified meteorite treasures. Even the seasoned collector and veteran hunter will enjoy the stories and close up photography.