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Our Meteorites For Sale page features meteorites, tektites, and other space related items for sale from meteorite dealers around the world. The meteorite listings below are from our Find Meteorites For Sale page. Each of the meteorite categories below show listings with links to the individual meteorite listing added by the dealer. Each meteorite listing may also have a direct link to the sales page on the dealers own website. If you are new to collecting meteorites it will be helpful to read information on how to buy meteorites to help you with your purchase.  The Meteorite Exchange, Inc. has been offering meteorites for sale on our sites since 1996.

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  • NWA 7397: Martian Shergottite
    SR0210 (NWA 7397)NWA 7397 is chemically classified as a Shergottite, but looks completely different. There are none of the typical cigar shaped pyroxene crystals in a flow pattern. Instead, there are big 1-2mm rounded pyroxene crystals containing olivine crystals. There are also many large transparent quartz crystals present, as well as plagioclase shock melt glass veins. The large crystal size, presence of crystals within crystals, and melt glass veins strongly suggest this meteorite may have originated from a magma chamber near the Martian surface that experienced multiple periods of cooling and remelting.
  • Tissint: Martian Shergottite
    SR0209 (Tisint)Tissint is identical to the Shergottite EETA 79001, which is the meteorite containing Martian atmosphere in impact melt glass bubbles that proved all SNC meteorites are from Mars! Both of these Shergottites are also unusual in containing olivine in the form of giant megacryst clasts. Two of these 1.5mm broken olivine megacrysts are exposed on the top left of this specimen; and the typical Shergottite pattern of pyroxene crystals is seen over the entire surface. All of the visible plagioclase impact melt glass bubbles were broken open when this sample fragmented, but it is certainly possible
  • Zagami: Martian Shergottite
    SR0206 (Zagami)Zagami is considered to be the typical Shergottite; and it was the first Martian meteorite available to collectors. Shergottites are thought to result from magma erupting from a fissure in the Martian crust and then moving in a shallow flow across the surface where it quickly cools. This typical slice shows how solidified pyroxene crystals are oriented in the somewhat general direction of flow. Tiny cracks in the rock are visible as plagioclase shock melt glass veins, as seen on the right side of this slice. Any cracks in contact with the Martian surface when the meteorite's ejection impact
  • NWA 6963: Martian Shergottite
    SR0205 (NWA 6963)NWA 6963 contains gigantic pyroxene crystals that are actually eight times the size by volume of typical Shergottite crystals! It also shows many large transparent quartz crystals. A typical Shergottite is thought to result from magma that erupted from a fissure in the Martian crust and then flowed onto the surface where it quickly cooled. But the huge crystals in this Shergottite suggests it remained within the fissure where it cooled more slowly and did not erupt onto the surface. The large shock melt glass bubble in this specimen would have preserved a sample of Mars atmosphere and then
  • NWA 11273: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia
    SR0212 (NWA 11273)NWA 11273 is a stunning lunar highland breccia! The numerous 1-3mm pure white plagioclase clasts stand out among the dozens of other large anorthosite, olivine, and pyroxene clasts. Many of these anorthosite clasts also contain olivine or pyroxene breccia clasts within them; and a few small broken bits of melt glass are visible. The large size clasts plus the near absence of melt glass indicates this meteorite's origin is from deeper in the lunar regolith and not from the surface regolith. There is 60-75% fusion crust remaining. This is a spectacular lunar meteorite to the naked eye, but you
  • NWA 8609: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia
    SR0211 (NWA 8609)NWA 8609 is a terrific lunar highland meteorite to examine with only the naked eye. It shows more than a dozen 2-5mm anorthosite clasts and countless smaller clasts. There are also a few 3mm size pyroxene clasts and some melt glass to see. Many of the larger clasts are themselves breccias containing olivine clasts within them. The huge clasts plus very little melt glass indicate this meteorite is from deeper in the regolith and was not part of the top surface regolith. This is the ideal lunar meteorite to enjoy with just the naked eye, but you can use a magnifying glass to view this meteorite
  • NWA 482: Lunar Impact Melt Breccia
    SR0208 (NWA 482)NWA 482 is an extremely rare lunar meteorite because it contains only highland anorthosite crust minerals! It contains absolutely no detectable basalt minerals! Any black mineral grains seen are impact melted plagioclase. This mineralogy certainly indicates it is from the Moon's far side. NWA 482 also contains no regolith materials and was likely never near the lunar surface. It contains only deep anorthosite crust minerals that have been crushed together and remelted by countless impacts. Fusion crust is visible on the angled edge of this specimen. NWA 482 is an extremely rare lunar meteorite
  • NWA 8277: Lunar Mingled Breccia
    SR0207 (NWA 8277)NWA 8277 is a fantastic naked eye example of both a mingled breccia and a regolith breccia. Both of these breccia types are formed near the lunar regolith surface; and their main characteristic is multiple breccias contained within another breccia. The large 5mm clast seen near the center shows two white plagioclase clasts and many greenish brown olivine clasts contained within a grayish brown pyroxene clast. To the left is a 4mm plagioclase clast with olivine clasts within it. To the right are two 1.5mm anorthosite clasts with pyroxene clasts within them. This is the perfect meteorite to
  • NWA 2995: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia
    SR0204 (NWA 2995)NWA 2995 is a jaw-droping spectacular lunar meteorite! And it looks exactly like a lunar meteorite should look! In addition to the very obvious 7mm anorthosite clast, there are dozens of huge 1-2mm anorthosite clasts that are easily visible with the naked eye. With a simple magnifying glass, hundreds more smaller anorthosite and basalt clasts are seen in an ultra fine grained basalt matrix. Chemical mapping from lunar orbit suggests this may not be mare basalt. It is thought to instead be basalt magma that erupted through fissures in the outer rings of the far side South Pole-Aitken impact
  • NWA 6355: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia
    SR0203 (NWA 6355)NWA 6355 is chemically indistinguishable from the regolith samples returned from the Apollo 16 landing site! In addition, data from lunar orbit chemical mapping of the Moon’s surface very strongly indicates this meteorite actually was ejected from some area on the bright highland peninsula between Mare Nubium and Mare Nectaris. This means that you could look up at the Moon and point to the area where this meteorite almost certainly originated! That would be quite an unusual experience with a lunar meteorite. With a magnifying glass, many dozens of anorthosite clasts are visible
  • NWA 2977: Lunar Gabbro
    SR0201 (NWA 2977)NWA 2977 is an extremely rare lunar meteorite; it is actually a piece of rock from the Moon! It is not a breccia. When molten basalt cools very slowly, it forms a rock with unusually large mineral crystals called a gabbro. A gabbro has the same chemistry as molten or quickly cooled basalt, but its crystals are much larger. In this case, a basalt intrusion most likely cooled very slowly in a dyke or sill fissure within the Moon’s anorthosite crust. With just a simple magnifying glass, you can easily see hundreds of absolutely gorgeous crystals: yellowish green olivine, light gray high calcium
  • Taza Meteorite Slices (NWA 859)
    Taza MeteoriteWe have a limited number of wonderfully prepared Taza Meteorite Slices for sale. The Taza meteorite was found in 2001 in Northwest Africa and is officially known as NWA 859.  This meteorite is a nickel iron meteorite classified as a Plessitic Octahedrite, Ungrouped.
  • Sikhote-Alin Meteorite From Russia
    Sikhote-Alin Meteorite For SaleThere has been a lot of Russian Meteor News since the meteor event on February 14, 2013.  Two days and 66 years earlier on February 12, 1947 there was another major fall in Russia and you can visit our Sikhote-Alin Meteorites For Sale page to see our specimens for sale.  Sikhote-Alin meteorites have thumbprints or regmaglyphs what make iron meteorites look so distinctive in museums. Sikhote Alin individuals have this characteristic in miniature and make impressive collection specimens. Naturally sculptured by their passage through the atmosphere these iron meteorites are real beauties.
  • D’Orbigny Meteorite For Sale
    D'Orbigny Meteorite For SaleWe have some very nice small specimens of D'Orbigny meteorite. From the Meteoritical Bulletin: A 16.55 kg stone, mostly covered with dark gray fusion crust, was found in a corn field after a farmer hit it with a plow.
  • Meteorite Ring
    meteorite-ringEach Meteorite Ring is made with Gibeon meteorite inlays and custom made by a market leader in meteorite jewelry. Gibeon meteorite is the preferred for meteorite rings because of it's amazing etched pattern and stability.
  • Canyon Diablo Meteorite
    Canyon Diablo Meteorite For SaleThe Canyon Diablo meteorite is named after the river gorge near Meteor Crater.  They are among the most historically significant meteorites available to collectors.Canyon Diable meteorites are made of nickel-iron with inclusions of graphite and other minerals and classified as a coarse octahedrite iron meteorite. Many of the smaller fragments show the effects of being torn apart by the tremendous crater-forming explosion.
  • Moon Rocks | Lunar Meteorites For Sale
    Moon Rocks / Lunar Meteorites For SaleView our Moon Rock Lunar Meteorites for sale on our website. These quality lunar meteorite display boxes make nice additions to your meteorite collections as well as wonderful and unique gift items. Each display box contains a genuine specimen of Moon Meteorite.
  • Mars Rocks – Mars Meteorites
    Mars Rock / Martian Meteorite For SaleWe still have a supply of Mars Rock Martian Meteorites for sale on our website.These quality martian meteorite display boxes make nice additions to your meteorite collections as well as wonderful and unique gift items. Each display box contains a genuine specimen of Mars Meteorite.
  • Seymchan Pallasite Meteorite
    Seymchan MeteoritePlease visit our site to see our Seymchan meteorite for sale.  Seymchan was found in 1967 in Magadanskaya oblast', Russia.  These part slices show the beautiful olivine crystals.
  • Silkhote-Alin Meteorite Shrapnel
    Silkhote-Alin Meteorite Shrapnel For SaleWe have a nice supply of Sikhote-Alin Shrapnel For Sale. These pieces of torn and twisted nickel-iron metal were ripped apart by tremendous force when the comic body hit the Earth.
  • Allende Meteorites For Sale
    Allende Meteorite For SaleVist our website to view our Allende meteorites for sale . Every collection should have a representative specimen of Allende. Carbonaceous chondrites are believed to be one of the earliest forms of matter in space. Allende is rich in large chondrules and scattered through the matrix are irregular masses called Calcium Aluminum Inclusions or CAIs. Allende also contains microscopic diamonds that are among the oldest particles ever discovered.
  • Tissint Mars Meteorite For Sale
    Tissint Mars MeteoriteWe have some fragments of Tissint Mars meteorite for sale which have a fresh shiny black fusion crust with a greyish interior color containing sporatic areas of black glass and pale yellow olivine macrocrysts.
  • Gao Meteorite For Sale
    Gao Meteorite For SaleGao officially named Gao-Guenie was a witnessed fall on March 5 1960. We have some nice affordable Gao meteorites for sale on our website. There was initially some confusion as to whether there had been two distinct falls a month apart in Burkina Faso, but specimens collected using both names are exactly the same material. It is now officially considered to be one fall and has the combined name. Thousands of stones have been found and continue to be recovered from the area. It is an H5 chondrite.
  • Mount Padbury Meteorite
    Mount Padbury Meteorite For Sale

    The Mount Padbury meteorite was found in 1964 in Western Australia. Mount Padbury is a mesosiderite and has been the topic of much scientific research. Like all mesosiderites it is a mixture of metal and silicate minerals. The specimen we offer are in as found condition with their beautiful orange-brown patinas. They will feel rather heavy for their size because of the rich amount of iron they contain.

  • Fukang Meteorites For Sale
    fk-7We have some beautiful Fukang Meteorite for sale on our site. In the year 2000 a single large meteorite of slightly over one ton was recovered and classified as a pallasite. The Fukang Pallasite is nearly a half and half mixture of olivine crystals and nickel iron metal.  The crystals of the Fukang meteorite are striking when viewed with backlighting. They are clear and have a wonderful color. The metal surrounding the crystals has been etched to make these specimens even more exquisite and will enhance any collection.
  • Meteorite Jewelry
    Meteorite Jewelry For SaleWe feature meteorite jewelry for sale handcrafted by Ian Barrett.  Ian fashions his handmade pieces of jewelery using unique specimens of meteorite.
  • Millbillillie Meteorite For Sale
    Millbillillie Meteorite For SaleWe just got in some very nice crusted specimens of Millbillillie meteorite.
  • Cocklebiddy Meteorite For Sale
    Cocklebiddy Meteorite For SaleWe have a nice selection of Cocklebiddy Meteorites for sale in our eStore.  This is an Australian meteorite with a unusually dark matrix with a scattering of nice bright metal grains.   
  • NWA 1109 Meteorite
    NWA 1109 Meteorite For SaleWe have some nice part slices of NWA 1109 meteorite for sale on our website. The NWA 1109 Meteorite is a polymict eucrite breccia. It has no free metal, but is rich in light and dark mineral clasts with a beautiful honey color matrix.
  • NWA 5515 Meteorite For Sale
    NWA 5515 MeteoriteOur part slices of NWA 5515 meteorite for sale have a very nice color and contains scattered chondrules. It is minimally shocked and shows only moderate weathering. A CK4 is a nice classification to add to any collection.