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Our Meteorites For Sale page features meteorites, tektites, and other space related items for sale from meteorite dealers around the world. The meteorite listings below are from our Find Meteorites For Sale page. Each of the meteorite categories below show listings with links to the individual meteorite listing added by the dealer. Each meteorite listing may also have a direct link to the sales page on the dealers own website. If you are new to collecting meteorites it will be helpful to read information on how to buy meteorites to help you with your purchase.  The Meteorite Exchange, Inc. has been offering meteorites for sale on our sites since 1996.


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Top Meteorite

Meteorite JewelryTOP Meteorite is a trusted source for rare and significant meteorites of exceptional quality. They also offer a unique selection of exquisite meteorite jewelry. TOP Meteorite is happy to assists with appraisals, institutional curation, acquisitions, specimen restoration, and private expeditions.

Lunar MeteoritesTOP Meteorite is a science forward meteorite company founded by author, researcher, hunter, and educator Dustin Dickens. Dustin brings a strong scientific aptitude to TOP Meteorites’ approach to curation, focusing on martian and lunar meteorites, ungrouped achondrites, and primitive & carbonaceous chondrites. Dustin is continuing his education in meteoritics with a focus in geochemistry. TOP Meteorite offers institutional research discounts on all specimens.


The Meteorite Exchange, Inc.

Meteorite for SaleJim and Paul have been offering meteorites for sale on the Internet since 1996. They guarantee the authenticity of every specimen they sell and they only buy meteorites from select trusted sources . They update their catalog often and have a wide variety of meteorites to choose from in all price ranges.

Tektites for SaleThey also have a large variety of impactites and tektites for sale. Many of the tektite specimens are from the Darryl Futrell Collection of Tektites.

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  • NWA 13974 Lunar Impact Melt Breccia
    SR0225 (NWA 13974)NWA 13974 is a typical example of what one should expect to find while exploring on the near-side lunar surface in the vicinity of any large mare region. This Moon rock shows the result of thousands of close by impact events which pulverized the regolith, and in many cases melted some of the small pieces together with the tremendous heat generated by those impacts. This area would have been constantly impacted, pulverized, and re-melted again and again. With a small hand lens, one can easily see a dozen or more greenish olivine clasts plus more than a half dozen white anorthosite clasts that
  • NWA 12593 Moon Dust
    moon-dust-nwa-12593These Moon Dust display boxes contain genuine moon dust from the cutting of Lunar Meteorite NWA12593. The Moon Dust is securely preserved in a plastic container inside each display box. Each display box contains 250mg of NWA 12593 lunar meteorite dust displayed in a black plastic glass top display box. These displays make wonderful gifts and come packed in a silver foil gift box.
  • Seymchan Siderite Meteorite For Sale
    Seymchan Siderite Meteorite For SaleWe have a nice selction of Seymchan Siderite meteorite for sale with it's very attractive etching. The Seymchan meteorite was found in 1967 in Magadanskaya oblast', Russia. The original two pieces discovered were sequestered in museums. Explorations of the find area have resulted in a signification number of additional masses being found. While many masses have olivine crystals characteristic of it's Pallasite classification, other pieces such as these are nearly solid metal.
  • Allende Meteorites For Sale
    Allende Meteorite For SaleVist our website to view our Allende meteorites for sale . Every collection should have a representative specimen of Allende. Carbonaceous chondrites are believed to be one of the earliest forms of matter in space. Allende is rich in large chondrules and scattered through the matrix are irregular masses called Calcium Aluminum Inclusions or CAIs. Allende also contains microscopic diamonds that are among the oldest particles ever discovered.
  • Seymchan Pallasite Meteorite
    Seymchan MeteoritePlease visit our site to see our Seymchan meteorite for sale.  Seymchan was found in 1967 in Magadanskaya oblast', Russia.  These part slices show the beautiful olivine crystals.
  • Meteorite Beads
    meteorite-beads-stringOur meteorite beads are handmade from the NWA 10816 stone meteorite and are a pretty milk chocolate color.  These beads make great authentic meteorite jewelry as an accent or centerpiece for a bracelet, necklace or drop earrings.
  • NWA 12630: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia
    SR0224 (NWA 12630)NWA 12630 is an absolutely spectacular Moon rock! It is also an unusual lunar breccia because most of the clasts it displays contain only a single mineral. The absence of multiple breccias within this breccia suggests it was ejected from deep in the surface regolith. With only the naked eye, more than a dozen 1-3mm white and gray anorthosite clasts, plus more than a dozen 1-2mm black orthopyroxene clasts are easily visible. With a simple magnifying glass, many dozens of smaller clasts containing these same minerals are seen, plus dozens of smaller yellowish brown olivine clasts. One face of
  • NWA 12269: Martian Shergottite
    NWA 12269NWA 12269 is a rare and most unusual Mars rock. It is very fine grained and displays the expected low-calcium pyroxene, clear silica, plus black impact melt glass. However, it contains none of the olivine normally found in Shergottites! That makes this particular meteorite extremely important because it demonstrates the accretion of Mars did not produce a homogenous liquid mantle like occurred with the accretion of Earth. Instead, it is evidence the accretion of Mars produced a heterogeneous semi-liquid mantle with zones containing different mineral mixtures. The mineralogy of NWA 12269 also
  • Silkhote-Alin Meteorite Shrapnel
    Silkhote-Alin Meteorite Shrapnel For SaleWe have a nice supply of Sikhote-Alin Shrapnel For Sale. These pieces of torn and twisted nickel-iron metal were ripped apart by tremendous force when the comic body hit the Earth.
  • Canyon Diablo Meteorite
    Canyon Diablo Meteorite For SaleThe Canyon Diablo meteorite is named after the river gorge near Meteor Crater.  They are among the most historically significant meteorites available to collectors. Canyon Diable meteorites are made of nickel-iron with inclusions of graphite and other minerals and classified as a coarse octahedrite iron meteorite. Many of the smaller fragments show the effects of being torn apart by the tremendous crater-forming explosion.
  • Mars Rocks – Mars Meteorites
    Mars Rock / Martian Meteorite For SaleWe still have a supply of Mars Rock Martian Meteorites for sale on our website.These quality martian meteorite display boxes make nice additions to your meteorite collections as well as wonderful and unique gift items. Each display box contains a genuine specimen of Mars Meteorite.
  • Moon Rocks | Lunar Meteorites For Sale
    Moon Rocks / Lunar Meteorites For SaleView our Moon Rock Lunar Meteorites for sale on our website. These quality lunar meteorite display boxes make nice additions to your meteorite collections as well as wonderful and unique gift items. Each display box contains a genuine specimen of Moon Meteorite.
  • NWA 2995: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia
    SR0219 (NWA 2995)NWA 2995 is a jaw-dropping spectacular meteorite! It displays dozens of 1-6mm anorthosite and basalt clasts easily seen with the naked eye, and hundreds of 0.5-1mm clasts easily seen with a simple magnifying glass. These clasts are of various anorthosites, basalts, plus many examples of clasts within a clast. Lunar orbital data indicates the very deep and thin crusted South Pole-Aitken Impact Basin is the most likely place of origin for this meteorite. This would explain some black pyroxene material not being extrusive mare basalt, but instead being intrusive mantle basalt from a fissure in
  • NWA 2975: Martian Shergottite
    SR0220 (NWA 2975)NWA 2975 is truly a delightful Mars rock to examine, and dozens of large olivine and pyroxene crystal shapes are easily visible beneath its melted surface crust. Shergottites are from near the surface of Mars and contain many tiny cracks from countless nearby impacts. An impact that ejects a Shergottite from Mars would create a shock wave that passes through these cracks creating a black melt glass. Any cracks open to the surface would contain Mars atmosphere, and the shock wave would trap and preserve that Martian atmosphere inside a melt glass bubble. There is no way to know if this
  • Aguas Zarcas Meteorite
    aguas-zarcas-meteorite-30We have affordable specimens of The Aguas Zarcas meteorite for sale.  The fall occurred on April 23, 2019, over Costa Rica. It was a major meteorite event with hundreds of stones created by the breakup of the meteoroid. The residents of the area around the town of Aguas Zarcas found many stones in their yards and fields. Aguas Zarcas is a CM-2 carbonaceous chondrite. This is one of the most exciting meteorite types for science as they contain water and organic compounds left from the creation of the solar system.
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