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Stony Meteorites: Achondrites


Stony Meteorites: Achondrites

There are no beautiful chondrules with sharp edges here. These are the meteorites that either have been melted until their chondrules are completely gone, or they formed on larger worlds where no tiny round drop of mineral could form. Many resemble rocks from the Earth but with different chemistry.

Complete stones of achondrites will have many features in common with other meteorie types, but some are very different. For example, the fusion crust of Eucrites and Howardites will be shiny and black unlike chondrite fusion crusts. Fusion crusts of Aubrites are a tan color the strangest fusion crusts of all.

Some of the images will show differences but more often many show similarities to other achondrites. Chemistry is everything with the achondrites. This like the other galleries will be an ever growing collection of images so return occasionally to see what has changed.


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