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It is hard now to even think about a world where there was no Internet. Yet it really was only a short time ago. No one can offer everything on any topic and as much as we strive to be a great source for everything related to meteorites. There are some other sites that specialize in portions of the meteorite field of study that are great resources. So here is a list of Internet sites that you can surf to. We have chosen the real experts in the topics and places where the science is done. Got a maybe meteorite that you want tested there is a link below for that too.

Meteorite Associations
GMA – Global Meteorite Association
International Meteorite Collectors Association
Meteorite Association of Georgia
The British and Irish Meteorite Society
The Meteoritical Society
Meteorite Information
ASU Center for Meteorite Studies
Encyclopedia of Meteorites
How To Identify Meteorites
Latest Worldwide Meteor / Meteorite News
Mars Meteorites
Meteorite Labels and Biographies Archive
Meteorite Studies
Meteoritical Bulletin Database
Smithsonian Institution Division of Meteorites
Meteorite Magazine
Meteorite Times Magazine
Social Networks and Lists
Club Space Rock
Meteorite Central Mailing List


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