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Gibeon Meteorite


Gibeon meteorites have been collected since 1836 in Namibia a country in southern Africa. The strewnfield for Gibeon meteorites is perhaps the largest in the world. Masses of this iron meteorite both large and small have been found and total approximately 26 tons. As a medium octahedrite Gibeon has more nickel in its metal than some other meteorites. Team this higher amount of nickel with few mineral inclusions and the result is a very stable and non weathering meteorite. Gibeon has a beautiful crystalline pattern when polished and etched. Some pieces of Gibeon show a twisted and distorted pattern which reveals much about the forces which torm the mass apart as it plunged to Earth.



Meteorite Name: Gibeon
Year Found: 1836
Place: Namibia
Type: Iron, IVA
Mass: 26,000 kg


Gibeon Meteorite
Gibeon Meteorite Slice
Gibeon Meteorite Cube
Gibeon Meteorite Cube


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