Asteroid Impact Threats

On April 10 the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology will hold part two of their hearing on Asteroid Impact Threats.
After years of warnings and even movies dramatically showing the potential damage of impacts from space the experience of the Russians on February 15 seems to have stirred increased interest in determining what can be done to mitigate the danger.

Among the witnesses that will present information to the committee is Dr. Donald Yeomans of JPL. For many years he has been the often seen face discussing asteroids and comets and the dangers they pose. Perhaps we have finally reached the tipping point where something beyond just locating the object will begin to materialize.

Though there is nothing currently that can be done to reduce the damage of asteroids that come out of space without warning. We are near a place with technology where we might be able to divert a dangerous asteroid if we have advanced notice of its existence. Several, methods have been proposed to make course corrections years in advance of impact. With that much time the alterations need to be small or so weak that we may have the means even now to accomplish the amount of change necessary to move the asteroid away from collision with Earth.

This hearing will be webcast at 2pm and can be watched by following this link

See the effects of an asteroid impact by using the Earth Impact Effects Program, an interactive website that will estimate the effects of an asteroid impact based upon paramaters input by the user .