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The Meteorite Exchange, Inc.

Jim (left) and Paul (right) on the floor of Meteor Crater


By 1996 we (Paul Harris and Jim Tobin) have already been friends for years. Already hunted meteorites together, prowled the desert for other rocks and fossils, been broken down and trapped in sand. After finding out that neither of us panic easily we decided to create a presence on the emerging World Wide Web.

Starting in 1996 with meteorite.com and the name The Meteorite Exchange, Inc. we began to build websites. Meteorite Times Magazine came along in April of 2002. In 2007, our original sales site for tektites and meteorites was replaced with the smooth easy to use online store we have today. We finished our complete remake of this site, meteorite.com in January 2013 and have many more projects under way.

Still enthusiastic about meteorites and all things related to them, we hunt, collect, cut and prepare specimens. We travel to gem shows and enjoy meteorites as much now as in the beginning. Please feel free to share any comments you have on this or any of our other sites.

The Meteorite Exchange, Inc.

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