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You are welcome to Sylvia and Erich's Fine Minerals, metaphysical crystals & stones and Zincites. Dedicated to serve mineral collectors, science ,
museums, lapidary and last not least metaphysical professionals since 1977.

Huge selection in any size!

We dig deeper - we grasp higher for you!

We hope you enjoy the mineral specimens we offer here. We carry for you a few thousand of some of the finest mineral specimens. All surprising quality at fair prices! We carry 100s of different rare minerals too, in limited quantity! Ask for different rare or superb exclusive material. We want to offer you also energy stones for healing and spiritual purposes in top quality for incredible prices (like Sugilithe, Alexandrite, Prophet stone , Phenacite , Sunstone, Emerald, Rainbow Obsidian , Moquis, Charoite, Gem Silica, Celestite or Larimar - just to mention a few.

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1)We offer you here nearly unseen Top Quality Mineral Specimen;
These we offer for the higher desires of collectors, galleries and museums:

blcal600_sm.jpg (1173 bytes)galsfal1_sm.jpg (1203 bytes)psdbaxxl_sm.jpg (1150 bytes)q-ro225_sm.jpg (1114 bytes)Click on picture for larger image.

Quick Link To: 2) Energy & Healing stones (Energiesteine & Heilsteine) -Special Sale Items
Quick Link To: 3) Zincite  zincitZdiamAAn962.jpg (51995 bytes)
Top Top Quality Mineral Specimen for collectors, galleries and museums: many astonishing items and surprising pictures will still be published here for you! We can also email more items or photos to you on request now! Be free to contact us if you have any further question.
  Russian Alexandrite, alex-gr.jpg (17039 bytes) good colour change, ask for qualities, offers and pictures ! 
  fine Amazonite crystal clusters $30, $50, $80, $300,
  nice Apatite crystal clusters $30, $50, $80

clear yellow single crystals without matrix from Durango Mexiko, found 1978;

appr. 20x15x15mm $6/pce  1 dozen for $60.

transparent blue crystals without matrix from Tansania, found 1998;

appr. 10x10x8mm $4/pce, 1 dozen for $40.

  top Apophyllite clusters , clear and green, , $50, $80, $300, $500
  excellent Aragonite crystal clusters $30, $50, $80, $120
  Axinite crystals Polarural:Pliva,GUS $30, $50
  amazing Baryte specimen from Transsylvania $30, $50, $80, $300, $550,
  Beryls ( aquamarine , emerald, heliodor, morganite) clear crystals, ask for offers and photos
  Bixbyites , nice crystals in matrix $20, $50, $80, $120 $300
  Boulangerite ( lead antimony sulfide ) beautiful hair-like mineral
  Bournonite .(lead copper antimony sulfide) top crystals on matrix from
Hungary,$20, $50, $80, $120
  beautiful Bertrandite crystals on matrix $30, $50, $80, $120
  incredible Calzite balls from Herja, Romania , black and white !, $30, $50, $80, $300,
  Calzite BrushyCreek,ReynoldsCty top-grade $30, $50, $80
  blue Chalcedony, Drusy type, from Romania, lot of 12: $10
  Citrine,Ural,Russland $30, $50, $80, $300,
  Crocoite from Tasmania superb museum specimen large deepred crystals handy sizes 1x1" to 1,5x1,5" US-$12 to §350
  Cuprite cabochons, top color, Cabochons (30x21mm)  $15 each, 3 for $40, 7 for $80
  FREIESLEBENITE syn.: FREYESLEBENYITE, phenomenal museum piece! very impressive ! rare gold-tellur mineral from Transsykvania! freyesle.jpg (36036 bytes) 
  Hessonite crystals $15 $30, $60
  Manganocalcite,XX from Siebenbuergen, $25/Lb
  Mimetite crystals, Mimetesit Mexiko $15 $30, $60
  large Gold nugget, Siberia, Russia $ 1700 goldnusu.jpg (10634 bytes) 
  Platinum crystal !!! Konder,Khaburovsk, $150
  impressing quartz crystal clusters with white calcite from Transsylvania,
$50, $180 , $240, $310, $700, $1300
  Cathedral quartz crystal cathqutz.jpg (26240 bytes) from Transsylvania; angelic energies ; $65, $180 , $240, $310,enhyqucl.jpg (29088 bytes)
  phantastic Romanian quartz clusters with pyrite and chalcopyrite $50, $180
, $240, $310 ( (sale pending)), $700, $1300
  huge pseudomorphoses quartz after stibnite, quartz after baryte, quartz
after dolomite
, $65, $76 sold, $180 , $240, $310, $700, $1300
  Sillimanite-Catseye Katzenauge, Indien , top quality Cabochons
  huge perfect Stibnite clusters from Transsylvania $15, $32, $60, $120,
$180 , $240, $310, $380 (sale pending)
  Sphene, Austria faceted, large stone, top coulr very bright, $350 (reg. $865)
  Thulite from Thule, Polar region : This rare gem from Norway provides an energy of contentment and safety for people who are open to this mineral. It allows one to recognize the divine personal nature. It further assists in reducing aimlessness,.
Vibrates to the Visuddhara chakkra. thulit.jpg (36414 bytes)  
  "Fantastic watermelon Tourmaline, wonderful slice for special price"
 watmturm.jpg (51783 bytes)  
  Uvarovite , (green garnet, Uwarowit) , tiny but nice deep green XX on
Chromite fr.Sarany,Ural $15, $32
  Vanadinite crystals Mibladen,Marokko , topgrade: $32, $60, $120, $180 ,
Top Energiesteine + Heilsteine (Energy & Healing Stones)
all offered items are of high quality especially dedicated for the healer and the collector!
  Russian Alexandrite, good colour change, ask for qualities, offers and pictures ; high metaphysic energy wich is caused by synergy of 2 completely different colour and light rays (green and red) alex6pb.jpg (39785 bytes)  
  Andalusit-crystals,thin slices $5/pce
  Andalusite- crystals,China,anpoliert,ca.2.5x2.5x4.5cm $12/pce
  Apache tears (Appachentränen) , medium sized, bag of 100g:$3
  Aqua Aura, fine quality of small top clusters, AAA quality  appr. 1x1", bag of 100g (appr. 4-7 pcs) $48
  Azurite, Morenczi,Arizona, 100% pure ,good for healing purposes or fine cutting!
 azu20-90.jpg (27507 bytes)  
  Bernstein, Baltic Amber,nuggets,tumbled,medium sized (bag of 12):$9/bag
  Baltic Amber ,nuggets,tumbled,small sized (bag of 24) $ 10/bag
Baltic Amber ,nuggets,large, rough or slightly polished $25 -$40, ask for
Baltic Amber necklace: $8/pce (compare at $15/pce)
Baltic Amber necklace: $12/pce (compare at $21/pce)\
Baltic Amber necklace: $20/pce (compare at $35/pce)
Baltic Amber necklace: $12/pce (compare at $21/pce)
  Brazilianite $20 for bag of 3 crystals heavenly crystals , huge sized from historical locations, 100's of top specimen in all sizes
  Celestite, Poland, ask for qualities offers and pictures
  Charoite, perfect squares AAA colour $18/pce. 3 for $47 - compare at $40/pce
  Charoite, bag of free forms, A colour  200gr $25- compare at $50
  Charoite, large slices AA colour  $ 40/Lb
  Chiastolithe (Chiastolith-Kreuzstein)Topqu,anpoliert,ca.2.5x2.5x4.5cm
  Chiastolithe- cross stone, Topqu,anpoliert,thin slices $5/pce
  Chrysoprase, Chrysopras, Poland, tumbled, medium sized (bag of 1kg) $55
  Citrine,Ural,Russland small points $40/dozen ; medium $9/pce
  Danburite (Danburit) crystals , Mexico, clear and beautiful crystals , ask
for special prices
  Emerald XX, Tokowaja, Russia on small matrix, collectors grade 1x1/2" to 1x1"  lot of 3 pcs. $25
  gelber Labradorit (golden Labradorite) : $ 70/kg
  Fire opal , Feueropal Mexiko, ask for special prices
  Herkimer-Diamanten top selection from small to very large crystals & matrix
specimen, ask for our special prices
  Russian Emerald, ask for qualities offers and pictures
  Katzenauge Quarz, Catseye (Quartz) :Cabochons , $6/pce
  Lapislazuli Afghanisthan, ask for special prices
  Larimar,getrommelt B, (bag of 50gr ) : $ 12
Larimar,(=blue Pektolith),getrommelt A, (bag of 50gr ) : $25
Larimar,(=blue Pectolithe),large clean polished PCs: ask for special offer
& pictures!
  medium sized and large Romanian laser quartz crystals of top quality: $7,
$10 sold, $15, $32, $60, $120, $180 , $240,
  Leopardenjaspis, Cabochons , $6/pce
  Melanite, Melanit Mexiko
  Merlinit,2x2cm, $4/pce Merlinit,schwarzer Drusenpsilomelan,3x4cm $7/pce: Merlinite, Druzy psilomelane, appr. 1x1cm, polished Cabochon $15/pce.
  Moldavite prices : Moldavite: Type CL (museum grade) Good shape,nice surface, all pieces are appr.  98% + surface undamaged :
(all prices may be subject to change)
(all is subject to availibility) 0-5gr: $1.10/gr 5-12 gr:$ 1.40/gr 
12-18gr:$ 1.68/gr
18-24gr:$ 1.95/gr 
24-29gr:$ 2.60/gr

Moldavite: Type JN (regular grade):
Sizes        Prices for you:
0-2gr : $ 0.65 2-4gr : $ 0.80/gr
4-8gr : $ 1.10/gr
8-14 gr:$ 1.30/gr
14-20gr:$ 1.50/gr
20-30gr:$ 2.20/gr
30-40gr:$ 3/g
  Moqui-marbles,(Moqui-Kugeln) $ 13/kg
  Nephrite USA,: ask for special offer & pictures
  Orangenkalzit (Orange Calcite) : $9/kg
  Pop Rocks (these are not Bojis),large pieces , pairs, ask for special
  Obsidian , $5/kg
  Phenacite (Phenakit), from Russia faceted stones, A quality, top cutting, free forms . Lot of 3 stones (free forms) Special: $25/crt
  Phenacites Russia, .Pieces are average from 3.5 to 20 gram.A few are bigger.
Your price: up to 15 gr $ 4.20/gr 15-25gr : $ 3.10/gr 25gr + :$2.50/gr
(compare at up to $ 11 /gr at other dealers) phenarus.jpg (59763 bytes)  

available are following crystals/clusters:Phenacite:
36.43g, 38x27x21mm ; 27.38g, 32x28x19mm
27.46g, 28x32x23mm ; 11.139g,22x23x13mm
12.529g,16x14x27mm ; 57g
14.760g,20x28x18mm ; 10.698g,22x21x16mm
9.740g, 17x15x20mm ; 9.937g, 22x14x16mm

  Picassojaspis,Cabochon , medium $ 6/pce
  Picasso jasper,Cabochon, large $ 10/pce.
  Prophet stone , new powerful stone for opening the crown chakra and for
prophecy-stone comes with certificate! $20/ piece or $ 37/pair
 prophst.jpg (15211 bytes)  
  Pyrite dollar, pyrite sun (Pyritsonne) , tiny , good fror ear rings and pendants :ask for
special offer & pictures!
  Pyritsonne,klein (small),ask for special offer & pictures!
  Pyrite dollar,mittel, ask for special offer & pictures!
  Pyritsonnen, top quality @ fair prices, ask for special offer & pictures! E-Mail:
  Rainbow obsidiany : Cabochons from $5 to $12 (compare @$12-$35) / pce.
Regenbogenobsidian,1A-Regenbogen-Effekt,Herz (hearts)
Regenbogenobsidian,1A-rainbow ,Kugeln (spheres)
Regenbogenobsidian,1A-Regenbogen-Effekt ,cabochons
  Regenbogen Fluorit , $7/pce.
  Rhodochrosite xx Mexiko small: $5/pce
  Rhodonite crystals, ask for our special offers or pictures!
  Star Ruby, Cabochon, Karnataka India, strong and detailed 6-ray star, good colour, nice cut, appr. 7x7mm $17/ea, 10 for $65
  Ruby crystals , sizes of 2-6cm, from India $60/kg
  Ruby Cabochons, lot of 5: $16
  Ruby crystals , sizes of 2-6cm, from Madagascar : $43/kg
  Ruby-Zoisite, Rubin-Zoisit Tansania, lot of 1 Lb $17
  Rhyolithe, Rhyolith, wonderful material: $5/kg
  Sahara Dream stone. from Egypt;Sahara-stone comes with certificate! $
10 /stone $21/show piece
  Safire, Saphire from Ceylon, faceted stones, nice colors, lot of 10 stones $65
  Snowflake-obsidian , Schneeflocken-Obsidian kg :$6
  huge septaria slice from France
  septaria250.jpg (37606 bytes)
  Septaria,Scheiben,herrl.gebaendt.,9+cm Stk/pce $11
  Septaria,thick slices,herrl.gebaendt.,12+cm Stk/pce $12
  Septaria,Scheiben,herrl.gebaendt.,15+cm Stk/pce $18
  Septaria, rough $10/kg
  Spectrolithe Spektrolith, colourful , rough $25/kg
  Sugilithe,getrommelt,medium+ 1kg $110
  Sugilithe Cabochons, top quality, AAA $2/crt
  Sugilith, donut,25mm,gute Farbe St $10
  Sugilithe, Splitterketten, (nugget beads) $45/Lb
  Sunstone,ask for special offer or pictures E-Mail:
  Tansanite, Tansanit Tansania, faceted stones ask for price E-Mail:
  Unakit,getrommelt, $9/kg
  Variszite,getrommelt :ask for special offer or pictures
  Vivianite . Vivianit, Zahntuerkis, fr.Bolivia $12 /crystal, clusters, museum quality, undamaged, from $5 to $500
  Enhydros , Snake Agate with bubbles in water - Wasserachat Brasilien , size
of a soap $10/pce
  Watermelon tourmaline ( Wassermelonenturmalin - Turmalin)"
  watermelontourma6p12ea.jpg (29654 bytes)
  Wulfenite-crystals :ask for special offer & pictures
  Zincite (Zinckite, Zinkite) crystals (sublimate) from Poland (Silesia , Schlesien , Slonsk) zinpoird.jpg (39846 bytes) or small clusters - whichever you prefer ) for metaphysical purposes and wire-wrap:

  zinlt35.jpg (44702 bytes)  zinlt50.jpg (51031 bytes)  zinlt55.jpg (23552 bytes)  zinlt65.jpg (37520 bytes) 

 zinlt80.jpg (40662 bytes)  zinlt87.jpg (42831 bytes)   zin092.jpg (20869 bytes)

   zincitzifacn996.jpg (37966 bytes) Faceted Zincite pick : $8/crt or $4/crt by the lot or 6/crt for half lot
   zincitzifinaan972.jpg (71793 bytes)  Very fine Zincite points (weighing between 4 and 20grm/pce. )
very clear, all cutting quality from Silesia , Poland (formerly Germany)
pick : $4/gr or $3/gr by the lot (or $3.50/g for 1 row)
   zincitzifinbn968.jpg (45436 bytes) Zincite points (weighing between 3 and 10grm/pce. ) very clear, all cutting quality from Silesia , Poland (formerly Germany) 
$1.20/gr per complete row
$1.00/gr by the lot (both rows)
   zincitZpointsAn964.jpg (47641 bytes) Fine Zincite points (fr.2.4 to 7.7 grm) very clear,all cutting quality
from Silesia , Poland (formerly Germany) $2/gr per complete row
   zincitZdiamAAn962.jpg (51995 bytes) Zincite diamonds-finest museum grade outstanding shapes , very clear
finest cutting quality from Silesia , Poland (formerly Germany) 
US-$3.80/gr by lot: $3.20/gr

This mineral provides for the synthesis of personal power, creativity and
physical energies It is useful in the radioinics field to intensify the
response patterns exhibited during use of the "check-surface". Zincite
introduces the connection with the higher realms! Nice crytals and crystal
clusters of Zincite occurring as a secondary mineral from Silesia , now
Poland , are a unique sample of a natural byproduct of Zincite production.
Its crystallization was caused by a surprising and rare happening called
sublimation which means sudden transformation from a very low state of
beingness to a very high (not passing levels in between) ...
Zincite is used in pharmacy for healing of skin , hair and rheumatism.

Discount table:
3 items : 3% discount
4 items : 4% discount
5 items : 5% discount
6 items : 6% discount
7 items or more : 7% discount
All Specimens Subject To Prior Sale
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