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 Iron Meteorites and Stony-Iron Meteorites


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Sale of finest authentic faceted moldavites! from $5+

New! Suessite - huge Suessite veins and clasts in cm size in the polymict Ureilite - DaG 1047

The presence of Suessite with its low Ni-content suggests another parent body for this rare material  than the Asteroid belt.

This completely unique and surprising appearing ureilite (more looking like an odd iron meteorite) has a TkW of 49.8 g and  was found 16-May-1999.

It is very diamond rich. $375/gr for Suessite rich sections, $65/gr for olivine rich parts with minor (although still plentiful) Suessite

A ureilite meteorite of TkW: 49.8 g was found 16-May-1999 by an anonymous collector in the Dar al Gani desert. 

Classification: Meteoritical Bulletin: Comments: Approved 24 Jul 2007 Data from: MB92 Table 1

Shock stage: Mod ; Weathering grade: Moderate

Fayalite (mol%): 3.6-22.4, Ferrosilite (mol%): 3.7-22.4, Type spec mass (g): 10.2

Info: Classified: A. Greshake, MNB. Type specimen: MNB. Main mass: Anonymous.

Comments: Polymict breccia with fine-grained chondritic lithologies. Ask for images and price: mars@mars.li


Muonionalusta 13.8kg individual

Ask for images and price: mars@mars.li

Camel Donga @ 24 $/grm  phantastic eucrite individuals

Pallasite, Seymchan with big zones of olivine inclusions, complete, oriented individual $0,50/gr

Pallasite, Seymchan with olivine all over - so a 100% Pallasite, complete individual $0,90/gr

Kainsasz 100% crusted individual pyramid shape, Ask for images and price: mars@mars.li

  EL6, (W0) NWA 4043

Date: 2004 Mass (g): 40.05 Pieces: 1 Class:  Shock stage: S2 Weathering grade: W0 Ferrosilite (mol%): 0.1-1.5

Type spec mass (g): 8.3

Classified by A. Greshake+M. Kurz/MNB; type specimen, MNB

Moravka, Czech Republic. fresh European Fall slice w. crust 16x11mm 0,55gr $150

  DaG 1036 - Ureilite $ 77/gr

TkW 222g, S3-4, quite fresh fusion crust

Fa: mean 17.6 Fs, mean 16.7;   20.5g: Berlin, Mus. Naturk., Humboldt Univ

Click for availibility


CH3 - SaU290
availability: large surface area endpiece 3.1g 20x18mm, 0,34g;  BB $20



Dho 1113:      H3, S2, W3, Fa2.3-27.7, Fs5.3-24.6,-

beautiful slices: 0,4g, 2,1g, 13g,  $8/gr

ask for fair price eric@mars.li


DaG 1036, Ureilit

(with unique features)

0,81g 12x10mm max. part slice; 3g, 4,3g; 6g; Ask for images and price: mars@mars.li


Partly cumulated eucrite - Northwest Africa 3075


no pairing - Available only through us!

3.78g slice; 6,11g complete slice


DaG 1037 - Martain Meteorite: the missing Shergottite link from Mars!

Available only through us!

DaG 1037 is not only one of world's biggest martian meteorites it is also special because it is the missing Shergottite link from Mars!

The olivine is of different appearance in DaG 1037 and reveals that it was extremely heavy exposed to a major impact shock event on the Red Planet.

The numerous impact shock veins, Melt veins + melt pockets suggest that this specific rock material

was exact the zone on Mars that was hit by the asteroid that caused the material to leave Mars! It is very fresh material! glassy texture, large vesicles of up to 12mm with walls of black silica glass!

Although this material looks optically different than the DaG 476, 489, etc. (more glassy texture, large vesicles of up to 12mm with walls of black silica glass) this material is very likely paired with this olivine-phyric shergottites group.

Extensive searches over a long period of time by different groups in later years for this material in this area (DaG 476, 489,DaG735.... DaG 1037) didn't yield any further stone.

Humboldt-Univ.Berlin, M.Kurz,A. Greshake

GS $19; BB $30; 0,06g 4x5mm slice; 0,16g  7x13 slice ; 0,33g sold!; 1,12gr 22x22mm sold!; 1,01gr 17x22mm  slice 2.14g 24x28mm slice ; 3,7g  sold!;  ask for fair price erich.haiderer@chello.at


Complete Meteorite Collection Sets


Special Sale for you of few sets of collections of high quality meteorites in representative sizes with all classes and trends (of course inclusive lunar meteorite and Martian meteorite!):

Bug boxes meteorite collection kit, sizes are appr. 1x2mm to 3x5mm lot $190:

Martian meteorite , DaG735
Moon meteorite, DaG1042
Ureilite polymict DaG 319
H4/5 Chondrite Dho 020 , H5 Chondrite DAG 746, H6 Chondrite H6 - DaG 955
L3 unequilibrated Chondrite DaG902,
L4 Ordinary Chondrite NWA 869, L4/5 SaU 001,
L5 Ordinary Chondrite Ghubara, L5/6 DaG 344,
L6 Ordinary Chondrite  - DG 477
LL4 DAG 613, LL5 SaU 093, LL5/6 (DaG 256), LL6 Sah 97097,

LL7 Dho 011

IMB - Impact Melt (L) NWA 1573

CI ( C1 ) Carbonaceous Chondrite, tiny fragment 1x0,5mm,Ivuna!
C3, ungrouped metal-rich DaG430, CR2 NWA 530,
CK4/5 DaG250,CK3 NWA 1668
CM2 -type 2 Murchison, appr. 0.5g,
CV3 Allende,
Meta C-Chondrite Carbonaceous Chondrite (Dho 225), 
CO3 Carbonaceous Chondrite DaG 005

EL4 DaG 734
R 3,9-Rumuruti-Chondrite,
Mesosiderite, Vaca Muerte, Pallasite , Brahin
Eucrite, Main Group (with 1-stage thermal history)!
Eucrite, with 2-stage(!) thermal history DaG647
Aubrite Mount Egerton, Diogenite Tatahouine
Winonaite Winona, Acapulcoite , Howardite , Enstatite-Achondrite Zaklodzie

Meteorite Collection of representative samples
SALE:$2400 $1320   ( compare individually bought at $$$ elsewhere! )

Sets contain approx. following content (sizes are approximate):

Martian meteorite , impressing slice of appr. 5x6mm!
Moon meteorite, nice piece of appr. 3x2mm!

Ureilite, monomict shocked)(slice or endpiece of appr. 2g  appr. 19x12mm)

Ureilite, polymict

Ureilite (diamond-rich unshocked)
DaG; H4 Salaices, Mexiko
H4/5 Chondrite Dho 020 , H5 Chondrite DAG 746,
H6 Chondrite H6 - DaG 955
L3 unequilibrated Chondrite DaG902,
L4 Ordinary Chondrite NWA 869, L4/5 SaU 001,
L5 Ordinary Chondrite Ghubara, L5/6 DaG 344,
L6 Ordinary Chondrite  - DG 477
LL3 unequilibrated,
LL4 DAG 613, LL5 SaU 093, LL5/6 (DaG 256), LL6 Sah 97097,

LL7 Dho 011

IMB - Impact Melt (L) NWA 1573

IMB - Impact Melt (H) Dho 492
CI ( C1 ) Carbonaceous Chondrite, tiny fragment 0,5x0,5mm,Ivuna!
C3, ungrouped metal-rich DaG430, CR2 NWA 530,
CH - NWA 470, CK4/5 DaG250, CK5 - Dag 275
CM2 -type 2 Murchison, appr. 0.5g, CV3 Allende,
Meta C-Chondrite Carbonaceous Chondrite (Dho 225), 
CO3 Carbonaceous Chondrite DaG 005

EL4 DaG 734
EL6 - Yilmia, E6 - NWA974
R 3,9-Rumuruti-Chondrite, NWA753
Mesosiderite, Vaca Muerte
(appr 5 g), Pallasite , Brahin, appr.>2g
Eucrite, Main Group (with 1-stage thermal history)!
Eucrite, with 2-stage(!) thermal history DaG647
Aubrite Mount Egerton, Diogenite Tatahouine
Winonaite Winona, Angrite Sahara
Acapulcoite NWA 725, Howardite
Enstatite-Achondrite Zaklodzie



There are less than 30 meteorites known by chemical analysis to be pieces of the planet Mars which have been launched from the surface Mars by an asteroid impact.

The pieces then orbited the sun and hit the Earth as meteorites. The SNC's have always been the most desired meteorites for collectors and also some of the most valuable


Sale!Top quality- very fresh!

From which region on Mars did this meteorites come from?


 This basaltic shergottite belongs to the Olivine-orthopyroxene-phyric Group. The DAG 735  is the first ( found already 1997) and such the first and "original" Mars meteorite found in the Sahara!
It is the most oriented of all known Mars Basalts found in the Sahara. It also is very fresh in appearance. Total mass was 588 g, 
Classification by: Frank Wlotzka, MPI and Matthias Kurz. Classification information: Porphyritic basalt with mm-sized olivines (normally zoned from Fa 28 to fa 37)
in a finer grained matrix of pigeonites (Fs 25-28) and feldspar glass (An 65).
A direct comparison with a PTS of DaG 476 shows that both Mars Meteorites are very similar and most probably paired.
An exception is that this Mars Meteorite does not contain terrestrial carbonate veins, it appears less weathered than DaG 476/489/670.
This meteorite is a Shergottite and is part of a group of meteorites called the SNC's standing for Shergottites, Nakhlites and Chassignites. 
This gemmy Mars Meteorite consists primarily of olivine, chromite, pigeonite , augite, orthopyroxene. It contains magmatic inclusions within the olivine.
These consist dominantly of pyroxenes and feldspathic glass.
The olivines have the range Fo 60-62 (phenocrystic olivine ranges from Fo 78 to Fo 59 (Ikeda).

Magmatic inclusions

Yukio Ikeda: Unusual inclusions occur within olivine megacrysts in the DaG735 olivine-phyric shergottite. They consist of pyroxene and chromite in a ratio of about 2:1, and show strange textures.

They are grouped into two types, symplectic and non-symplectic.

The pyroxenes in unusual inclusions are similar in composition to those in the main lithology of DaG735, but the chromites differ in TiO_2 contents

which are lower by half than those of chromites in the main lithology.

The symplectic textures indicate exsolution origin of the unusual inclusions within olivine megacrysts, and the reaction to produce the unusual inclusions suggests

 that the original olivine megacrysts may have contained some amounts of Cr^(+2) in addition to Cr^(+3), and the Cr^(+2) was oxidized

 to Cr^(+3) during the formation of the unusual inclusions. Whole Abstract from Y.Ikeda

The Mars Rover Spirit found in 2004 on one of its exploration raids on the Red Planets surface in several rocks (called Mazatzal, Humphrey and Adirondack) material

 composed of olivine, pigeonite and plagioclase in a way that looks almost identical to DaG 735

Studies of the thermal history of this rock (e.g. rapid cooling rate of the melt) suggests that this material originates from an extruded lava flow near the Marss surface.

Extremely fresh material!

 Top condition!  The mars meteorite comes with certificate.         

almost all sold!

0.29g-12x11mm $180, 2.4g 22x20mm sold;
1.4g 13x14mm ask for price;   
27g- 11x13mm $460
1.03g- 20x19mm $370

0.611g-15x16mm $230; 0.103g-6x7mm $60
0.078g-6x5mm $43; 0.224g-6x7 sold
Sale "Mars" bug boxes (limited stock still available):
1 bug box (original size of meteorite appr.3x3mm): $ 9.50
3 bug boxes : $ 25; 5 bug boxes: $ 37

It comes with a  decorative certificate of authenticity!

Secure Order or Ask for fair & affordable rate



Unique type of Mars Shergottite: Almost pure Maskelynite (plagioclase glass ) - Dho-378

  incredible meteorite discovery!

One fresh Mars Meteorite covered with almost 100% complete fresh black fusion crust was discovered on June 17th 2000.

It turned out to be one of the most interesting and unique meteorite discoveries ever.

Dho 378 is only one of four Calcium poor Martian Meteorites in the world (beside ALH84001, Chassigny, and NWA 998) . 

Due to the presence of titanomagnetite the Dho 378 belongs to the rare titanomagnetite-bearing basaltic shergottite group.

There is an extremely high possibilty that this glassy Martian rock will give us the possibility to get insight into intercrustal magmatic differentiation process on Mars

and give hints for potential mining (Ti) missions on Mars.

The high Fs content of the pyroxenes(Fs 40 to 93) and the high proportion of feldspar suggest that Dho 378 is a late Martian magmatic differentiate.

Among basaltic shergottites Dho 378 represents the most evolved Martian magmatic liquid composition.

Dho 378 experienced a 2 stage thermal history. A secondary melting at extremely high temperatures was followed by slow cooling (what recrystallization of various plagioclas segments seem to confirm).

Polished thin sections show that Dho 378 consists mainly of Maskelynite,, plagioclase glass, with minor minerals of hedenerbergite and ferroan clinopyroxenes (augite and pigeonite)  pyrox-ferroite, fayalite,

silica, titanomagnetite, ilmenite, sulfide, phosphate, and rhyolitic glass as the main minerals.

Studies on Dho 378 undertaken by J. PARK  and K. NAGAO, 1Laboratory for Earthquake Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan

proved that heavy fractionation occurred on Ne isotopic composition in Martian atmosphere.

Neon is highly enriched in DHO 378 compared to those of other shergottites.The trapped 20Ne is not enriched in the plagioclase glass
phase but in pyroxene-rich phase of this meteorite (J. PARK and K. NAGAO,2006 see

 NEW INSIGHTS ON MARTIAN ATMOSPHERIC NEON FROM MARTIAN METEORITE, Dho 378: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meetings/lpsc2006/pdf/1110.pdf)

In terms of mineralogy Dho 378 is more similar to LA 001/002 than to other members of shergottite groups.


Similar to Los Angeles the Cr is very low. Dho 378 is the first shergottite with a positive Eu anomaly.

The amount of phosphates, mainly whitlockite, is only 1 % as deduced from the REE abundances. The host mineral of the REEs in all shergottites is whitlockite, which controls the bulk rock REE concentrations.

Whitlockite has a negative Eu anomaly. But, in the case of Shergotty, Zagami, and Los Angeles the absolute Eu content of whitlockite is high enough to compensate the positive Eu anomaly of maskelynite.

Only in Dho 378, with about 50 times more plagioclase glass than whitlockite, we observe a positive Eu anomaly.

Special thanks to Prof. Hiroshi Takeda, Chyba Univ., Japan et al for recognizing Dho 378 as true meteorite and proving its origin

to be from Mars. Note it was previously analyzed by otherwise excellent scientists by mistake as terrestrial lava Xenolithe (I will call no names!), as the material looks indeed intriguing.
tiny complete slice 0,073g, 13x8.5mm US $500 sold!

Secure Order or Ask for fair & affordable rate

   Aubrite, Mt. Egerton, Aubrite Mt. Egerton, mostly pure Enstatite, few free metal inclusions,
found by Aboriginals at the surface of an gold field
$16/pce (appr.13 x 11 mm ) ; 4 for $57
    Diogenite/ (plutonic cumulate Achondrite) 
Tatahouine,Tunisia. Fall ! In the morning of June 27, 1931 a huge fireball exploded while in air 2 miles outside of the Tunisian town of Tatahouine breaking it up into thousands of fragments. Diogenite is a rare mineral .
fragments of 0.3 to 6g:  ask for best price
New! Diogenit, Bilanga, Fall,
fresh fragments 0,5g ; 1,3g @$30/gr
Brand New!
Topnew !!  Lunar anorthositic breccia:  Dho 490    
New lunar meteorite, different in appearance to other known lunar meteorites! (It is not paired to any other known Dhofar Lunaites)
Description and references:
  1 small oriented stone of 34.05g was found on 17.3.2001 in the sand desert in the Dhofar Region, Specimens: type specimens of 6.88g and a PTS: Humboldt Univ; Berlin, Germany.

Classification is already done, Dhofar number already applied and detailed datas will be released soon.

Beautiful material with surprising texture, very fresh: ask for fair price erich.haiderer@chello.at

0.03g appr. 4x4mm ; 0.39g-12x13mm; 0.6g highly beautiful segment 13x17mm;

 Available only through us!

Top Surprise: Incredible new type of Lunar Material was discovered:

Top Hot News about Lunaite Dho 489: Lunar Crustal Material from Far Side of Moon beside Genesis Rock brought back by Apollo 15

Lunar meteorite (feldspathic crystalline matrix breccia) -  Dho 489


4.27 billion years old!


- almost as old as Earth's Moon itself!


Available only through us!

A 34.4 g stone was found. A feldspathic fragmental breccia consisting of clasts of various lithologies embedded into a fine-grained crystalline matrix. Unlike known lunar meteorites, this lunar rock is a feldspathic crystalline matrix breccia. The most Mg-rich pyroxene is more Mg-rich than those of common lunar regolith breccias and similar to those of 60019, an Apollo 16 breccia containing poikilitic clasts.

Note: This material can only be sold as long as the very limited stock might last and it is almost 100% sold out!

0,002g sold; 0,03gsuperb part slice 7x5mm

0,01g sold; 0,713g sold;



DaG 996 - Lunar meteorite (fragmental breccia)

Found 1999 May 14

very strong mosaicism of plagioclase as well as abundant melt veins and melt pockets attest a high degree of shock;

Please email us your kind preorder requests  mars@mars.li!

0,001g sold ; 0,004g; 0,03g 4x4mm sold, 0,047 6x6mm slice $130; 0,044 6x5mm; 05,55g sold; 0,713g sold; 0,23g 7x11mm;

Due to limited stock - we will rise price every consecutive month by 5%!

Winonaite, Winona,Arizona, 


Found in an old Indian ruin in Coconino County by archeologists where i.m.o it was.kept for centuries as a magic stone

Sale! Rare! primitive Achondrite - Zaklodzie

Zaklodzie is a unique primitive enstatite-rich achondrite found in Lubelskie County, Poland which weighed 8.68 kg.

The mineralogical analysis was performed in two laboratories, the MPInstitut für Chemie by F. Wlotzka, and the Polish Geological Institute by M. Stepniewski.

The final classification, made by R. Bartoschewitz, refers to this meteorite as a unique primitive achondrite with a very high enstatite content. 

Available: 1.28g (21x15mm) ; 0.39g (15x12mm) ; 3.15g (20x17mm) ;   0.018g 3x3mm fragment   0,1g 2x1mm

zakl8c285g.jpg (44098 bytes)  zakl8285g2.jpg (43405 bytes)


Rare, Enstatite-, Unequilibrated & Ordinary Chondrites (other than C-type)

  E4 (S3,W3) - Dhofar 540

thin slices:
GS $5; BB $7; LS $12

very rare type of meteorite EL4

back in again! 

DAG 734, the missing cosmic link: EL4 
 You will be surprised by the appealing and unusual texture of this unique meteorite; Class : EL4  pjDAG734.jpg (19676 bytes)  el4-enstathinc.jpg (91572 bytes)
Enstatite-Chondrite , low-iron subgroup , type 4 
1st and only found piece of EL 4 in world - (beside Que 94368 , Antarctica , only 1.2g found)
  ask for Special Price
This material is of extreme rarity and high scientific value.
available thin slices with large surface area –all with outstanding and distinct chondrules
Yet nother new exiting representant of this extremely rare 
Enstatite Chondrite subgroup:
(not paired with DaG 734 - very different in texture)
(fresh appearing and extremely metal rich) 
Available: 0,03g Sold;  0,45gr 15x13mm 
slice/endpiece 24mmx18mmx3.5mm square 4.2g Sold
 2.3g 20x13mm @150/gr
Available only through us!
  EL6   E-Chondrite ( Enstatite-Chondrite ) - Yilmia
thin complete slice and some part slices and tiny complete end pieces with top fusion crust , large surface area
@ $29/g

Available:0,312g Fragment 15x10mm max $13
slice 19x 30mm max $109
Available are also nice endpiece
with regmaglypt for $36/g: ask for sizes please
yilmiasli.jpg (26844 bytes)                                                                  all legally exported!

Ungrouped - Chondrites (HH 180 type)


Ungrouped Chondrite of petrologic type 3 - HaH180 rare!

 $55/gr ask for availibility:


R3 - Chondrites (Rumuruti type 3)

R3.9, Rumurutiite type 3.9 - NWA 1583, world's 2nd most fresh Rumurutiites!


available are nice endpieces of  3.8g, 4.1g @ $39/gram

Please ask for availibility and price (limited supply) : mars@mars.li 

 Available only through us!

L3 - Chondrites (type 3)
  L3 Extremely  unequilibated - DaG 902

Extremely  unequilibated type.
highly beautiful!
ultradünne Scheiben: 0,185g 13x7mm $9; 0,259g 10x9mm $14
3,5g 37x55mm verkauft! 4,7g 47x39mm $225


SaU 089 - L/LL3.6-3.7

beautiful and relatively fresh

2.5g $41


Iron Meteorites and Stony-Iron Meteorites




Iron Ataxite Ni-rich, Location: Tanna Tuva, Turvinskaya, USSR
This Ataxite (nickel rich) was found in 1913.  

, Location: Tanna Tuva, Turvinskaya, USSRThis Ataxite (nickel rich) was found   while gold mining in the Chinga river bed , a tributary of the Upper Yenisei from the Tanno-ola Mountains.

TKW is more than 250kg, fragments of  up to 20kg.Main Mass: 200kg: Moscow, Acad. Science

Complete Individuals with nice crust and regmaglypts :

Ataxite weight: 885g appr.: 17x7x2.5cm $580

thin slices : $1.30/gr: 86g, 105g; 120g;

available sizes of complete individuals , very fine grade (beautiful regmaglypts)

380g $220; 945g $550; 2406g $960;
ataxtantuvsli96g62g.jpg (57557 bytes)   at1k5n212 vw2.jpg (16726 bytes)  at2kn214 vw2.jpg (16528 bytes)    at1k5n211 vw1.jpg (15652 bytes)   

  Ataxite with very rare Arupite mineral from Sta . Catherina, Brazil; partly oxidized fragments of Ataxite:

available: 6g $24; 2.5g $20

  Selected small very light squares and free forms with one side crust. All showing very detailed Wittmannstettsche patterns
price $1
5each, lot of 3= $42,
our picture shows some samples
9807gssl-cr.jpg (40125 bytes)

cabs.jpg (12531 bytes)
Fine for any kind of jewellery or great as a gift -carved out of fine gem quality Octaedrite : US-$ 20/pce, 3 for $50

  Iron-Meteorite Henbury , legally exported

henbrr6p.jpg (27531 bytes)

Special Lot of 20 fancy, small pieces $90

Outstanding quality (very fancy shapes, all character pieces): 8g $16 ; 7g $15: 563g ; 280g ; 250g 


Hexahedrite - Bilibino, Russia 

5.330g ultrathin part slice with some crust 37x19mm,

1.724g segment with substantial portion of crust $40


Iron IAB - Odessa, Texas, USA

  • Structural Class: Og , Coarse Octahedrite

  • outstanding individuals: 124g, 354g, 1276g, 561g @$0.43/g

  • outstanding individuals: 67g, 88g, @$0.54/g

 top grade

Meteorite Spheres,  gs_000.gif (4271 bytes)

All spheres show Top-Wittmannstettsche patterns, all perfect European cutting , polishing + etching
25mm: appr.67g: $100
40mm: appr. 270g: $295

  Ataxite - IronGuffey, Colorado , Anomalous Iron:  ungrouped;

find 1907
4/gram for fresh polished part slices

  IIIA Red Rock, California

slices 9g, 3g sold, 8g, @ $8/gr


Rare; IIIF Iron - Klamath Falls

IIIF irons are medium to fine octahedrites with low nickel content.

thin square slices 0.35g tultrathin slice $30, 1g @ $59/gr

  Silicated Iron, Miles                (legally exported)
miles n0517.jpg (51862 bytes) top aesthetic slice available: 17g, 325g @US$
  Mesosiderite, Mt.Padbury,  MES-A1 : found by Native Aboriginals while hunting for gold nuggets ; 51.33 % iron

available thin end pieces 0.65g $8 ; 0.8g $15 ; 1g $19 ; 1.5g $33

brahin4sl.JPG (61196 bytes)

Pallasite , Name: Brahin, near Czernobyl

thin slices with large surface area: blocks from $0.80/gr up, slices from $1/gr up



IRANOM, Mundrabilla.               (legally exported!)

Medium octahedrite with inclusions, 

Mundrabilla - nice small Individuals with odd shape 0,70/gr
86.2g-51x31x15mm , 83.7g-74x23x16mm , 75.9g-21x52x26mm , 63.7g-48x29x14mm , 49.4g-44x34x15mm


Plessitic Iron Meteorite

beautifully regmaglypted individuals:  32.8g  43x17x16mm  on hold; 6.5g  $22; 35g $120; 48g $164; 64g $220; 18g $66; 14g $55


Pallasite, Imilac, Chile

beautiful individuals with no or few olivine crystals only from 11,3 gr @5,90$/g

  Pallasite , Name: Huckitta, Alice Springs ,

slices and endpieces : 6g ; 11g ; 18g @ $3.50/g

    Toluca Iron
tolc9ksl.jpg (23282 bytes)    Dscn0395.jpg (13993 bytes)toluca n519.jpg (36049 bytes)

Iron-Meteorite Toluca Mexico from 0,28/gr

Slices from $0.66/gr


Iron - IVA- Anom (Siderophyr!) - Steinbach, Saxony, Germany

historic Fall, Germany, huge silicate inclusions!

Large iron meteorites of estimated 100kg total weight were said to have fallen 1164 at Whitsuntide, in the region of Meissen,

E.F.F.Chladni, Ann. Phys., 1808, 29, p.379, and between 1540-1550 a large mass of iron was said to have fallen near Grimma, E.F.F.Chladni, Die Feuer-Meteore, Vienna, 1819,

beautiful slices with more than 55% Silicates!!:  0,4gr  slice $59, 1.74gr slice $170, 5,95g 40x23mm $580


Mesosiderite, Vaca Muerte
9.39g slice 40x16mm : $
42: 39.9g-32x36x23mm endpiece $88 , 37.9g-41x24x21mm endpiece $76 , 17.2g-35x18x17mm endpiece $42

15.6g endpiece $36;    10.1g sold

11.46g endpiece 40x16mm $36

11.018g endpiece 43x16mm $36

16.51g endpiece 30x24x14mm $42ask for fair price erich.haiderer@chello.at

bag of 40 gram of nice fragments (appr. from 5g to 35g): sold

bag of 100 gram of nice fragments (appr. from 5g to 35g): $2.15/gr

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All meteorites for sale  (inclusive sizes TN and MS)
come individually in decorative display box!

As always, we have much more to offer than we are able to show you here now. Kindly email us your wishes to determine if the items you want can be prepared especially for your wishes.

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Schwerelosigkeit: Den Freien Fall testen. My Zero - Gravity Experience

Ataxite from Tanna Tuva , Mongolia

impact melt meteorites

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