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Allan Lang

After 40 years of collecting meteorites I am selling off my collection and business. I will have witness falls, irons, H.H. Nininger specimens and some very interesting pieces. Hope to see you at my new location.

Anne Black

I will be in my usual room, #322, in the InnSuites (Tucson CityCenter) and I am bringing a whole lot of rare historical meteorites from Almahata Sitta to the largest Karoonda specimen on the market, to Murchison, to Twannberg. And a Big Special this year: Pallasites!, all kinds (Albin, Esquel, Imilac, Marjalahti,….), all sizes, at great prices.

And I will be there for the whole show from January 28 to February 11.

I hope to see you all there.

Dustin Dickens

Top Meteorite would like to wish everyone a great New Year and invite you all to stop by Room 141 at the Ramada to see all our new meteorites or to just say hi!

I’ll be sharing a room with the Palawan Shell Co. so look out for the conch with crust We also buy meteorites and meteorite collections,
so bring in your old and walk out with some new! This is going to be the best show ever and we look forward to sharing it with you. See you there!

Edwin and Patrick Thompson

We will arrive in Tucson on January 23rd. The room, suite #103 will open Thursday the 26th. This year we are featuring some rare and hard to get specimens, large slices of pallasite, some historic irons, old collection specimens and some small items to cover the tables. Patrick will fly in for the heart of the show. May bring a few books and tektites. Come by for a sip or two! Looking forward to getting out of this snow and ice.

Keith and Dana Jenkerson

Hello, Everyone!

We will be at two locations again this year. We are set up at the
Pueblo Gem Show, room 125 from Jan 23 – Feb 9, right down the hall
from Erich Heiderer.

We are also set up at the Mineral and Fossil Marketplace from Jan 23 –
Feb 12. We are in the building – just come on in and you’ll see us!

We will have some stellar Timbuktu Mesosiderite slices, beautiful
pallasites and irons and many other unique items.

Stop in and say hello!

Matthew Martin

Looking forward to seeing everyone! Will have membrane boxes along with new meteorite classifications and many classics… visit me along with KD Meteorites in the same room!

Michael Farmer

I should be open by Tuesday January 24th. Incredible new Lunar, many huge slices will be available at extremely low prices.

Moritz Karl

Room will be open from Jan. 25th through the end of the show basically. Lots of goodies there including Franks new book on US falls!
Stop in at least to say hello. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the show!

Ruben Garcia

I’ll be sharing a room with Mike Miller in his usual spot at the Ramada Limited from January 25th through February 13th.

Suzanne Morrison

My location has changed this year for the Tucson show. I will be at the Hotel Tucson City Center, suite 323. And am officially open from Saturday, January 28th (though will be there the 27th) to Saturday, February 11th (though packing up on Sunday, the 12th)