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Edwin Thompson
Looking forward to making the trek to Tucson in a couple of weeks. This is my 30th year in Tucson, for Patrick it is year 20. Lots of good memories. We have been moved back to our old room #103 at Inn Suites. Bringing lots of rocks and books. See you there!

Fred Olsen
I will be in my usual spot by the big brown Moroccan tent in front of the Hotel Tucson City Center.

Jim Strope
Will be in Tucson from Jan 24 until Feb 8

Keith and Dana Jenkerson
Hello Everyone! We are in two locations this year – the Riverpark Inn, room 125 and the Mineral and Fossil Marketplace, LLC. We have many Stellar meteorites so stop by and visit us!!

Marvin and Kitty Killgore
We are excited to be back to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show after 5 years off. We are sharing a room with Bruno and Carine. We have an excellent variety of meteorites for sale.

Matthew Martin
Having been a buyer at the show for many years now, for 2016 I’ve decided to sell! I’ll have a variety of classified material, including rarities, and will also showcase a neat lineup of meteorite jewelry and display supplies, including membrane style suspension boxes, cushion boxes, acrylic cases and more. Looking forward to seeing friends and family at the show–please stop by and visit me, along with KD Meteorites in room 125 at Riverpark Inn!

Michael Farmer
I will be open around Tuesday the 26th of Jan until about 10 Feb. This will be my largest Tucson show ever. With mind-blowing pieces being unveiled at the show.

Mike Miller
Hello everyone, we will be in the Ramada room 131, only this year only one room for me.

Moritz Karl
As usual I will be at the Hotel Tucson City Center (formerly Inn Suites) in Room 180. I will probably be open from Jan 27th through the end of the show. Please stop by and say hello! See you there!

Suzanne Morrison
Stop on by the Mineral and Fossil Marketplace (1333 N Oracle) for a significant collection of Wabar impactite and shale!