Tektites For Sale

  • MoldavitesMoldavites For Sale

    We have a nice selection of Moldavites For sale. Moldavite tektites are found in an area called the Central European strewnfield. Moldavites are green over most of the dispersed strewnfield though rare brown types are found in some areas.

  • Moldavite JewelryMoldavite Jewelry For Sale

    All of our Moldavite Jewelry is handmade with beautiful specimens of moldavite tektite.  Each moldavite pendant is unique and will never look exactly like another.  Please visit our website to see more.

  • Libyan Desert GlassLibyan Desert Glass For Sale

    Please vist our site to see our Libyan Desert Glass for sale. Libyan Desert Glass is generally yellow in color. It can be very clear or it can be a milky, even bubbly light yellow. Some fragments have dark bands and swirls of brownish material. It is in these dark areas that some of the melted comic body is believed by some to be preserved. Libyan Desert Glass was used in ancient times as a gem stone for the Pharaohs and remains a highly prized impact glass for collectors today.