Stony Iron Meteorites For Sale

By far the smallest of the main meteorite families the stony meteorites are truly among the rarest of the meteorite types. They are also some of the most interesting and the most beautiful. The Pallasites for example are crystals of olivine the same mineral as Peridot the gemstone. When the olivine crystals and metal of the meteorites are cut and polished it can make something very stunning to see. The other group of stony irons the Mesosiderites while often being striking in appearance are some of the most fascinating for study and the information they can offer science. Both of these groups of stony iron are a mixture of metal and stone in about equal proportions. As with the other meteorite types we sell we have a selection of both individual meteorites and slices that have been carefully prepared.

  • Fukang Meteorites For Sale
    fk-7We have some beautiful Fukang Meteorite for sale on our site. In the year 2000 a single large meteorite of slightly over one ton was recovered and classified as a pallasite. The Fukang Pallasite is nearly a half and half mixture of olivine crystals and nickel iron metal.  The crystals of the Fukang meteorite are striking when viewed with backlighting. They are clear and have a wonderful color. The metal surrounding the crystals has been etched to make these specimens even more exquisite and will enhance any collection.
  • Pallasovka Pallasite Meteorites For Sale
    Pallasovka Pallasite Meteorite

    We have some nice slices of Pallasovka Pallasite Meteorite for sale. The Pallasovka meteorite was found as a single mass of 198 kilograms in 1990. Pallasovka is a member of the Pallasite group of meteorites. The meteorite was found 27.5 kilometers from the Russian town of Pallasovka These Pallasovka pallasite meteorite part slices are etched and display olivine crystals.