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Our Meteorites For Sale page features meteorites, tektites, and other space related items for sale from meteorite dealers around the world. The meteorite listings below are from our Find Meteorites For Sale link at the top of the page. Each of the meteorite categories below show listings with links to the individual meteorite listing added by the dealer. Each meteorite listing may also have a direct link to the sales page on the dealers own website. The Meteorite Exchange Network of sites is brought to you by The Meteorite Exchange, Inc. which has been offering meteorites for sale on our sites since 1996.

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  • NWA 869 Meteorite - NWA 869 Meteorite For Sale

    We have NWA 869 Meteorites in slices and end pieces. It is a brecciated stone with clasts of many different types incorporated into its makeup. slices can contain large metal grains, troilite inclusions, giant chondrules, armored chondrules and almost anything else seen in stone meteorites.

  • D’Orbigny Meteorite For Sale - D\'Orbigny Meteorite For Sale
    We have some very nice small specimens of D'Orbigny meteorite. From the Meteoritical Bulletin: A 16.55 kg stone, mostly covered with dark gray fusion crust, was found in a corn field after a farmer hit it with a plow.
  • Gao Meteorite For Sale - Gao Meteorite For Sale

    Gao officially named Gao-Guenie was a witnessed fall on March 5 1960. We have some nice affordable Gao meteorites for sale on our website. There was initially some confusion as to whether there had been two distinct falls a month apart in Burkina Faso, but specimens collected using both names are exactly the same material. It is now officially considered to be one fall and has the combined name. Thousands of stones have been found and continue to be recovered from the area. It is an H5 chondrite.

  • Millbillillie Meteorite For Sale - Millbillillie Meteorite For Sale

    We just got in some very nice crusted specimens of Millbillillie meteorite.

  • Taza Meteorite Slices (NWA 859) - Taza Meteorite

    We have a limited number of wonderfully prepared Taza Meteorite Slices for sale. The Taza meteorite was found in 2001 in Northwest Africa and is officially known as NWA 859.  This meteorite is a nickel iron meteorite classified as a Plessitic Octahedrite, Ungrouped.

  • Odessa Meteorites For Sale - Odessa Meteorite

    We have a limited supply of Odessa Meteorites for sale from the University of New Mexico and each come with the Universitie's specimen card. The Odessa meteorites are the coarse octahedrite type iron meteorite and often have a beautiful naturally sculptured form.

  • Sikhote-Alin Meteorite From Russia - Sikhote-Alin Meteorite For Sale

    There has been a lot of Russian Meteor News since the meteor event on February 14, 2013.  Two days and 66 years earlier on February 12, 1947 there was another major fall in Russia and you can visit our Sikhote-Alin Meteorites For Sale page to see our specimens for sale.  Sikhote-Alin meteorites have thumbprints or regmaglyphs what make iron meteorites look so distinctive in museums. Sikhote Alin individuals have this characteristic in miniature and make impressive collection specimens. Naturally sculptured by their passage through the atmosphere these iron meteorites are real beauties.

  • Allende (CV3.2) - Allende

    Allende (CV3.2) 19.6g Individual — Allende is one of the most primitive meteorites, and it illustrates the history of our solar system better than any other space rock. The calcium-aluminum inclusions (CAIs) seen in CV chondrites were the very first bits of matter to condense out of the solar nebula and even pre-date chondrules by 2-3 million years. The chondrules in Allende formed over 100 million years before the accretion of differentiated bodies like Earth began. This specimen displays all the important visible characteristics of Allende. There is an approximately 15mm x 15mm window into the interior of this stone, which reveals a large 4mm diameter CAI, plus dozens of chondrules with many displaying their spherical shape. The exterior of this individual shows over 50% fusion crust. (SR0103)  

  • Fukang Meteorites For Sale - fk-7

    We have some beautiful Fukang Meteorite for sale on our site. In the year 2000 a single large meteorite of slightly over one ton was recovered and classified as a pallasite. The Fukang Pallasite is nearly a half and half mixture of olivine crystals and nickel iron metal.  The crystals of the Fukang meteorite are striking when viewed with backlighting. They are clear and have a wonderful color. The metal surrounding the crystals has been etched to make these specimens even more exquisite and will enhance any collection. 

  • NWA 2977 (Lunar Gabbro) - NWA 2977

    NWA 2977 (Lunar Gabbro) 0.8g Partial Slice — Laboratory analysis determined this space rock is an olivine-rich cumulate Gabbro. It is thought to be a large Gabbro clast that was part of a larger polymict regolith breccia before it fragmented into many separate pieces during its entry into the Earth's atmosphere. NWA 2977 is most likely a sample of lunar bedrock. This small piece of the Moon is a gorgeous sight with only the naked eye, but a hand lens or low power microscope will reveal a spectacular scene of yellowish green olivine crystals, grayish white pyroxene crystals, white plagioclase feldspar crystals, and veins of black impact shock glass. The view is absolutely breathtaking and a truly awesome experience! (SR0163)  

  • Seymchan Siderite Meteorite For Sale - Seymchan Siderite Meteorite For Sale

    We have a nice selction of Seymchan Siderite meteorite for sale with it's very attractive etching. The Seymchan meteorite was found in 1967 in Magadanskaya oblast', Russia. The original two pieces discovered were sequestered in museums. Explorations of the find area have resulted in a signification number of additional masses being found. While many masses have olivine crystals characteristic of it's Pallasite classification, other pieces such as these are nearly solid metal.

  • Cocklebiddy Meteorite For Sale - Cocklebiddy Meteorite For Sale

    We have a nice selection of Cocklebiddy Meteorites for sale in our eStore.  This is an Australian meteorite with a unusually dark matrix with a scattering of nice bright metal grains.

  • Seymchan Pallasite Meteorite - Seymchan Meteorite

    Please visit our site to see our Seymchan meteorite for sale.  Seymchan was found in 1967 in Magadanskaya oblast', Russia.  These part slices show the beautiful olivine crystals.

  • Silkhote-Alin Meteorite Shrapnel - Silkhote-Alin Meteorite Shrapnel For Sale

    We have a nice supply of Sikhote-Alin Shrapnel For Sale. These pieces of torn and twisted nickel-iron metal were ripped apart by tremendous force when the comic body hit the Earth.

  • NWA 5515 Meteorite For Sale - NWA 5515 Meteorite

    Our part slices of NWA 5515 meteorite for sale have a very nice color and contains scattered chondrules. It is minimally shocked and shows only moderate weathering. A CK4 is a nice classification to add to any collection.